Season Tickets in the mail

Just got the email from UPS that I have a package arriving tomorrow from UH Athletic Ticket Office.



HOLY S**T…and we didn’t even get to start any ‘where the hell are my season tickets’ threads yet!


I was actually going to make a thread about it before i saw him make the thread. lol


Got the email today as well.

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It’s way too early, now I’m afraid I’m gonna misplace them before the first game.


About a week and half earlier than the last couple of years.

No email for me. :pensive:

As long as it is the card and not paper tickets, I’ll be happy.

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if its the tickets I’m going to lose it.

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Well, I just puked !!


Got another email today that I won’t be receiving the package today as previously stated, so it will be a little while longer before I get my tickets

They better not do this to me again! The card was 2016. Then they pull paper ticket crap last season! I’d rather them setup an App where they just scan the phone. Can’t be too hard, we do have a CompSci department at UH last I checked.


you scared me for a sec. i thought those were how the tickets looked for this season. LOL

Called Cougar Pride today due to an address mix up on the UPS email I got. Apparently the scheduled delivery date might be incorrect (also verified on UPS tracking). Mine should be going out next week.

Also, due to BBall tickets I am now in the orange lot (garage) and looking for trade options. Let me know if interested.

I was pleasantly surprised to get the email yesterday that the tickets were on the way. Then this morning got an email that said they were not going to be delivered today as originally said. I knew this was too good to be true and we will get them 2 days before the first game.

anybody got theirs yet? i’ll check my mailbox when I get home from work today.

Didn’t get anything from the ticket office, they read coogfans and decided to wait foor next week.

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As @Coogcheese mentioned above, they clearly jumped the gun. No tickets are to be mailed until it’s so late that the message boards are complaining. They must have someone new there that missed the memo. All is well now.


I talked to Cougar Pride last week or so. They told me that they would be sent out on the 10th.

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