Season tickets renewal

(David) #1

The email for season ticket renewal went out today. Renewed mine and added four more.


Did not receive the email

(Mike Higdon) #3

Me either. Correction – I did get mine.

(Patrick) #4

Yep, the ticketing site is taking renewals now.

(Patrick) #5

Two options for chairbacks

(Patrick) #6

(Alfred Matthews) #7

I’m renewing mine in march. hopefully i actually get the card instead of the paper tickets.


I called the ticket office February 1 and set up the 3 payments. The representative asked me if I wanted the cards or tickets. I told her cards and emphasized I requested cards last year and received tickets.

(Alfred Matthews) #9

I’m going to emphasize the cards too. I chose cards last season and they gave me paper tickets.

(Jerrycoog) #10

I had cards in 15 and 16, but requested paper last year. I was so paranoid I would lose the cards, but I am going to give the cards a shot again this year.


I didn’t get the email.

(Patrick) #12