Selection Sunday - Where are we going? To Wichita as a 6th seed against San Diego State on Thursday

(Patrick) #1

Mandel just put out his last bracket. Has us as a 6 seed in Dallas against Davidson

(jimmyschofield) #2

Where are we going?! Dancing baby!


So is the Texas matchup out of the picture?

(Patrick) #4



Oh man… OU

(Patrick) #6

(Patrick) #7

Jerry Palm has us as a 6 seed playing the winner of St. Mary’s and Butler in Nashville


This selection show sucks hard . Glad to see the coogs on TV when our name came up

(Jimmy Morris) #9

I still believe last night locked us into a 5th seed at the worst. I think how we played today was the difference between a 5th and 4th seed. Whether playing Cincy down to the wire was enough for the 4th seed, I don’t know. I think it’s a flip between Cincy 2, UH 4, WS 4 or Cincy 3, UH 5, WS 5.

(jimmyschofield) #10

A lot of Texas teams are in. You know we’re going to play one of them.

(Patrick) #11

This is awful

(Patrick) #12


Man if we somehow play texas… ohhh maannn

that sould completely help me forget about losing to cincy lol

(LeeH) #14

they sold 2 hours of commercials by doing it this way, so it’s a win for them.

(Patrick) #15

Baylor first one out…

(Ricky ) #16

Just curious what does everyone think about saint Mary’s and Middle Tennessee not getting in?


Layola is out!

edit: meaning we arent playing them

(Patrick) #18



Texas vs Nevada


SMC had a #194 SOS. Good record but they didn’t play anyone besides a win vs the Zags