Seth Davis update

Gotta luv his infatuation with bias and ignorance. He has now dropped us to 22. Not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, but I am astounded that this guy even has a vote. I don’t think he has ever watched a game outside of the blue bloods. Rothstein drops us? I understand, it is an honest opinion based on observations, not preconceived bias. Thanks for listen to me vent. I just don’t respect the guy.


Stop letting him live in your head rent free…


ranking are fun till early February …after that we stop getting mad at rankings till next year…

now we grab our pitch forks for bracketology…we now attack people for underseeding us lol


I know…his smug smile and superiority complex has rendered me a former shell of my former self. :sunglasses:

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A few thoughts regarding rankings.

  1. We shouldn’t have lost to Tulsa or ECU.

  2. Having a preferred seed in the NCAA Tournament is desirable, but if not, we have to earn advancement the hard way.

  3. The best course forward is to win the rest of the regular season + the AAC Tournament, which would give us a 24-3 record, which is very impressive considering the number of games which were postponed or cancelled this season.

I’m less concerned with our seeding and more concerned with team chemistry, health and our determination to win.


Seth Davis is a clown and I’m glad I unfollowed him on Twitter. I hadn’t thought about him at all until I saw this thread.


Sorry about that. :sunglasses:.

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Who’s Seth Davis ?

I just took a Seth Davis


we are still top 10 for net ranking, just keep winning and we will be fine

Seth has been out of coaching for many many years. That says it all !!

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I never knew he Coached?

Edit: Maybe you’re getting him confused w Seth Greenberg who was a prev coach and now is studio analysts at ESPN.


Andy Katz has us at 26. Ouch.

Keep in mind that Katz’ list is not a true ranking…just a power index. Based off our last five games, he’s probably not that far off. Get back on an extended win streak and we shoot up his list.

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Then what qualifies him as warranting an opinion !!

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Well he’s a College Basketball writer n is able to votes under AP Poll. Which consists of CBB Writers. I’m not a big fan of him as a writer, I was just pointing out you had the two Seth’s confused. Seth Greenberg has no vote in the AP Poll obviously.

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Another journalism major.


When asked by a snobby reporter how in the world being so dumb could he stay eligible in college Namath noted, “I studied journalism!”


Reminds me of Berkman’s quote when asked what he studied at Rice… He said “eligibility”.

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lol Berkman kinda a dumb bloke too

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