Shades of Freddie Brown 1982

In a 1 point game, can’t imagine why Dejon isn’t attacking the basket. Wichita beat Coogs at own game and I hope they make the dance. Coogs are an offensive player short this year, but I hope they get hot shooting in the tourney.


I agree, where is man bunn when we need him!

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I agree with everything you say but I can guarantee you the only way Dejon would get a call driving to the bucket in that situation would be basically 2 WSU players tackling him. Much more likely he’d have some phantom offensive foul


Totally agree Randy, but I’m hoping he makes it or we rebound. He makes some crazy decisions at times, but Jarreau might need to be our GTG in late game situations. His length is just so tough.

So much weird has happened to the team this year, that I think we need to be patient and thankful that the team has a chance on any given night to beat anyone not named Baylor or Gonzaga. 17-3 is still
really darn good, no matter how much the pundits try to crap on AAC. Fabian gets his conditioning by March and that’s a huge help. Love to see what he looks like with Gorham for longer stretches.


Sampson pulled no punches in his post game.
SAid you can practice free throws all you want but if you are not tough enough to go to the line in a tough situation and make them it doesn’t matter how many you take in practice. Also said we were outscraped last night.
On the last play he said we wanted Deeky to take it to the hole and attack. he said NO WAY was he calling a time out because they were in retreat mode. He simply can not imagine why Deeky made tht pass. Said Deeky was the perfect guy for us to attack and take it to the rim. Then IF he wanted to pass pass it out to an open shooter for the shot.

Jarreau is great. He can penetrate incredibly well, has hit some big shots for us and, most importantly, graduated. Good for him. But man, you can count on one boneheaded play per game. It’s maddening.

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What I found interesting is Sampson saying the shockers may have the BEST backcourt in the AAC. Seems not long ago they were having issues with the HC, had to fire him, lost many of their roster to transfer, and many on this very board were lamenting that they would be horrible. Yet somehow they hired an new coach, recruited players and now are in first place and Sampson is implying their backcourt is better than our returning experienced backcourt . Funny how things go. .

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Quentin left 4 points off the board by missing the front end of a 1&1, then missed both FTs a couple of possessions later. Making 3 or even 2 would have changed how the final minute would have been played.

I agree on why no timeout was called with Dejon streaking down the court with Wichita retreating. He’s the ultimate unselfish PG ( and team player), and obviously wanted to hit Quentin for a transition top-of-the-key 3. That would have put us up 2, and even if he had missed plenty of time left on the clock. I wouldn’t call it boneheaded but an unforced turnover, the only turnover he committed in a highly intense game

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You could see Q clapping his hands and calling for the ball.

The problem we had is when WSU pressed all night when we were bringing up the ball, we keep lobbing high passes from one side of the court to the other. WSU knew this and prepared for it, they got a “pick-6.”

At a time like that, you want a player who wants the ball in their hands. It looks like Jarreau didn’t want to be that guy.


They weren’t “pressing” us on that possession. Dejon had just stolen a tipped pass, nor did he “lob” the ball. Once again, get your facts straight


I’m confident that DJ is a great teammate and has great athletic ability. However, he consistenly does not play smart basketball.

And there’s free throws …

Our FT shooting % seems to be declining.

We also returned to our old habit of creating lots of fouls.

The Shockers had 23 FT attempts and we had 11. A guaranteed formula to lose a game.

Grimes missing FT’s is just astonishing.

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Had the ball right where it needed to be and a defense on their heals. Enough time to even drive and kick and even another pass.
Instead he wanted to give it to Grimes which would have likely ended in a tough contested jump shot.
Oh wel.
Hope they learn from it,
This game did show we are not a great team. Still capable of winning some tournament games.

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There’s Baylor and Gonzaga and then the rest of us.
There are probably 15 or more teams who are capable of making long runs in the tourney. Depends on who gets hot at the right time.
I have said all along we are a good team but perhaps not a great team.
On the bright side we played hard last night and quickly cut a 10 point lead to have a chance to win it late.
Hopefully White gets better and finds his second wind sooner than later.
We need him to have his game in shape by tourney time, but that might be asking a little much

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It’s beautiful that Fabian is getting some minutes now. It gives him a chance to round back into shape and work into the rotation before tournament time.

We can still get where we want to go on a bumpy road. :slightly_smiling_face:

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