Should the AAC refuse to play FCS teams?

(Patrick) #1

Solid argument

Although it may sound crazy, there are some logical points in discarding of the FCS game and replacing it with a low tier P5 or any G5 school. The Big 10 tried it temporarily but no other conference joined them in doing so. Thus, it was recently reinstated this past year. However, the AAC should aim to be the first conference to permanently ban FCS games for good. Here are the reasons the FCS games should go.


I tried to make this case on a different thread, can’t remember which, the reasons given why it can’t/won’t happen were

  1. P5 schools, look at playing G5 like G5 looks at playing FCS. Risk to bowl game if lose.

  2. CFB doesn’t look at Strength of Schedule ( I know this is wrong based on interviews with former board members but I didn’t argue the point).

  3. This is my own. His point about giving teams a chance to recruit in the area is not valid for Houston or Florida or California or any other fertile recruiting place because everyone recruits in those places anyway. As for the others, like Connecticut, a few good players come from the area but P5 schools aren’t going to be jumping at the chance to play UCONN so they can recruit there.

Just my take.

(Dan) #3

Yes, it would make a statement and you can still schedule most Sun Belt teams for your free win.


It does not have to be a statement or written somewhere, just stop scheduling them. If we only play D1 programs, it will continue to draw us closer to the “P5” conferences as they still do play them.

(Eric Prado) #5

I wish the AAC made it mandatory to play two P5s a year

(Nick K) #6

i would not make in mandatory but i think as a rule UH and other strong aac programs should minimize the fcs games

(Jimmy Morris) #7

In theory, that would be nice but as a hard fast rule, it would force many teams to have one and done deals. Obviously most teams lose on the road more than they lose at home so even if the AAC teams were even strength with their opponents, in the long run they have a losing record against them being mostly road games and when the media talks about head to head records, they rarely if ever mention the lopsided home/road schedules.


No. Most AAC schools need the extra home game. Bringing in Troy as a bodybag game is usually a lot more expensive and more likely to backfire than bringing in Tennessee Tech or Grambling, isn’t it?

(Chris) #9

Not scheduling FCS Teams help the AAC “pitching” its cause to the masses.
Should a one loss P5 Team that has scheduled an FCS opponent or two be ranked ahead of a G5 undefeated Team that has not scheduled an FCS Team? Long question but worth the argument for the AAC commissioner.

(zx504) #10

that’s what C-USA is for (should be able to schedule home and home with them) - AAC has a harder path than the P5 - we have to walk the path we’re on