SI preseason predictions - UH gets a lot of love

Seven writers are polled. Three of them pick UH to the NY6 (2 votes for Boise and 2 for UCF).

And Ross Dellenger has UH as his dark horse to make the CFP. No, really.


Wow! That’s some serious love.


Wow, Dellenger’s at SI now…didn’t know that. Used to be in Baton Rouge and was LSU’s beat-writer.

I will give them the click count just for being pro UH :slight_smile:

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Not sure on Staples pick for us to go to the Peach Bowl. Peach picks before Fiesta in the selection order this year and I doubt they’d skip over West Virginia or Michigan to have us play South Carolina there. Good on them if they do.

Hmmmmmm… uhhhhhhhh… “not possible” I have been told on a previous thread. :rofl:

I would love UH vs Ohio State so we can give them what they deserve.


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