SLIM LEAD - KEEP VOTING Bryson Smith for 6A Offensive POY

Support Bryson Smith. Vote here:

2nd place so far…

Moved into 1st by over a 100 votes now.

Great work. Keep voting!

Herman just offered Bryson a spot as a slot receiver and backup QB. He couldn’t find other talented receiver/QBs? He can see what publicity Greg got at UH and that he’d be running the show here.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I think its a courtesy offer. UT want to get into that John Tyler pipeline.

Bryson has said he’s committed to UH and his commitment is strong. Be real surprised if he leaves, but you never know.

Also have to believe most successful high school QBs don’t want to surrender immediately to become a WR. UT is notorious for doing that to some really good QBs.

This needs a bump it is getting close again.

He just lost the lead.

Keep voting!

Lead building again. You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


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