So does it work or doesn't it?


Notice he then added we also found steroids help… so was it the HCQ or the steroids. Also, since countries the world over range from 10% death rate of those hospitalized to 30% their final number fall right in that. Which suggests that is isn’t actually making a difference. It fall right in the normal range of death rates for the world.

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It appears so! But I am sure we will continue to get some that say “yes” and others that say “no”.

Regardless, probably the most politicized health care treatment ever for all the wrong reasons.

does demonstrate why you wait for the good data to come in rather than basing current treatment on ongoing trials.

with everyone scrambling and trying anything/everything, its going to be hard to get a clear picture of what any one drug does. But its clear that not one drug is a coronakiller


If CNN says so…it’s got to be true

the study was observational. so it found a relationship between survival and HCQ. No causation is even implied because of the other myriad factors

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So you’re admitting you don’t know if it works or not!!!

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The goal of a drug isn’t always a cure. If that stuff, or a steroid, gives you a few days of relief from the worst symptoms, then your immune system gets time to do what it needs to do.

My daily low grade steroid won’t cure asthma or prevent me dying of complications, but it will sure take a long time.

Just a personal anecdotal story I’ll share with y’all.
My older sister Audrey has been hospitalized since Wed night/ Thurs morning with covid and pneumonia. She has had lupus most her adult life and has been taking hydroxychlorquine forever.
She is not doing well - just was barely able to speak to me just now. This is a horrible disease.

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Very sorry to hear this. Prayers coming!

Thank you sir.
We are at day 12 since symptoms begin and they
are administering remdesivir now
Plasma should arrive at hospital later today, be
unthawed and ready to go for tomorrow.
These are the best bullets we got just now. Just getting to them after 5-6 days being hospitalized

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Fyi…this was sent to me by a concerned relative.
I’ll just reserve making any comment here.

“I should know. I’m a medical doctor. I own a mansion and a yacht.”
– Traumatized Yacht Owner

SARS died out so this going to die out because they are both coronaviruses?


Did he start reading at the end?

y’all don’t think it’s weird that his video was taken down by YouTube?

The good doctor has posted a new video.
Google “youtube doctor brian procter“
You decide.

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He’s basically reading a letter he wrote last month. Don’t ask me why he thinks that’s necessary (I’ll refrain from the obvious joke). :slight_smile:

You can find the letter pretty easily.

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