Song on 3rd down

(Gt) #1

What’s the hiphop song they play at TDECU on 3rd down? I dig that tune.

(Eric Prado) #2

It’s by Migos but I’m not sure which.

(Gt) #3

cool, thx


The song is called Deadz by Migos.


Also while we’re on the topic what’s the one song the band plays just kinds intermittently on defense? Not womp womp or eat ’ em up, the other one.


Seek and Destroy by (classic) Metallica? lol I keed, I keed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was curious about that one too because it was stuck in my head while leaving the game… then I made it worse by re-watching the game on DVR when I got home and kept hearing it. Isn’t that the Star Wars song from one of the movies or am I thinking of something else?


The only movie song I know we play is this:

But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the one at 24:30 in this video. They play it ALL THE DAMN TIME. It feels like something I should know. I do not know it.


So nobody knows what they are saying?

(jb) #10

I could be wrong but it might be Humble by Kendrick Lamar or 24’s by T.I. Those are frequently called upon at least.


It’s definitely not Humble – they’ve been playing it for years. It could be 24’s, but it’d be the lowest-pitched arrangement I’ve heard.

(Ron Derrington) #12

On our kickoffs, I wish they would NOT blare whatever tune it is through the loudspeakers, so we could instead hear the band playing their imitation of a freight train barrelling down the tracks.


What Ron says. I just don’t get it why we have to have song snippets over the PA while the band plays. Is the person pressing Play under orders to do that every third down? This is really a “quality of experience” issue. The band and the booth should coordinate, at the very least. All the rock/rap/r&b/hip-hop song segments make our game day sound just like every other game day in every other college and NFL venue.

(Patrick) #14

“Seek and Destroy” blares during the kickoffs and was a Herman thing that has carried over.

I would much rather listen to the freight train.


Yea that’s the one I was talking about too… 24:30 in the vid. Thanks, now it’s stuck in my head again.


I thought we’d quit that once Herman left (he’s doing it at ut too I think) and I swear we did for one game (or they forgot to hit play) but it seems to be back.

(Patrick) #17

I think you’re right. They didn’t play it at the Rice game, played a different song, but then it was back for Texas Tech and has stayed.