Source: AAC is considering a 20 game double round robin format schedule


Tulsa wont like this…

Makes sense with 11 teams, and none of the arbitrary decisions by the conference on which teams get to play twice.

Either direction doesn’t bother me

The negative:

  • we get 2 more 250+ conference games on schedule (top teams avoid the bad teams as is at 18)
  • 2 less games to schedule Potential great OOC

The positive

  • we get true conference champions, Tulsa was ONLY co-champs with us because they got an easier conference schedule…if we play a true full round robin they aren’t champs
  • The reason ecu is a sub 250 NET team and Tulsa wasn’t even a lock for the NIT despite being a conference co-champ is because certain teams are trash at scheduling non conference… 20 game non con schedule means 2 less 300+ rpi games, and 2 more top 50 net games for those teams (which helps their Net)

Honestly neither the negative or positive are strong enough For me to have a strong opinion either way, both are fine as it pertains to Houston…we always “medium” schedule OOC, the conference strength is “medium”… likely trading ULaLa and Houston Baptist for ECU and Tulane…I’m fine with either, won’t alter our season much


Tulsa would have a tougher schedule than us because they would have to play us twice and we don’t play anyone as tough as us.


I like the home and home with all the teams.

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