Sources Say, Its All But a Done Deal

that I will be at the Tulane & Louisville games.


Booooooooo! I assume it is still okay to boo on message boards…

Enjoy the games…just make sure you are sitting in seat and not standing along the concourse! The coaches need to feel the love…

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I really feel like this was a Chronicle post and I just got duped.

I opened several tabs for the topics that I wanted to read this morning and I deliberately left this tab for last because I assumed it was something of substance and hopefully good news so I could conclude my reading on a high note and…

I open the equivalence of the Chronicle’s coverage of the Cougars where it is either a one to two sentence blurb that holds no value or a slide show I must click through. Thanks.


What the Chronicle does, I call it Slideshow Journalism.


Sources Say, Its All But a Done Deal

OKAY … I’ll bite … what is a done deal …

The cubs will win the WS … Bama will win the CFP … this winter will be the coldest in several decades.

It seems like someone pulled an ole chewing gum wad from under the stadium seats and wants us to start munching it WITHOUT telling us what the long gone original flavor or brand was.


Is this what we call click bait

I answered that in the first post.

What, are you 3 years old and needing attention?

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