South Florida vs Navy

Man, South Florida is treating Navy like a FCS school. 28-0 in the 1st. Navy’s offense has only like 3 yards, total.

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JUST SAW TT and thought my phone was messing up!

I know this to be true. Having our bye week so late in the season and then playing teams coming off bye weeks was BS.

USF has not had their bye week yet but can score 50+ on Navy. Navy had their bye week after the UH game. I agree on the bye week issue though when the other team is not coming off a bye week (especially for a conference game).

Your right. Emotional pre-game talk. :wink:

Our commish is trying to get us a raise … well good luck now …

With the BXII only getting $125K/yr more for each member we will be fortunate to get free Whatburger coupons for each team now.

Navy just exited the top 25 … we haven’t anyone now in that lofty group … besides Boise has the chumpy part of their schedule to finish with. They would have to pull a UH/SMU to wreak any chances for a NY6 bowl game.

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Boise State does play at Wyoming this week (Cowboys are frisky this year) finish at Air Force and then probably play SDSU in the MWC Championship.

Watch out for Western Michigan as they have a good chance to go undefeated. Do they get a berth if they go 13-0? They did knock off Northwestern and Illinois.

AAC either needs us to get back in the title picture or for USF to win out.

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