Southern Heritage Classic Canceled

Cancellation due to COVID-19.

A Division I college football game has been canceled due to COVID-19.

The Southern Heritage Classic, the annual matchup between Tennessee State and Jackson State played at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium in Memphis, will officially not take place.

It is believed to be the first 2020 college football game canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

All events associated with the game played between the two historically black universities have also been canceled. The game was scheduled for Sept. 12.

In a press release, event organizers pointed to the Shelby County Health Department’s “emergency relief efforts put in place to address COVID-19, specifically those regarding recreational or athletic activities.”

“The health and safety of our attendees along with that of our staff, sponsors, and others is a top priority,” said Fred Jones, the event’s founder. “I encourage everyone to keep practicing safety and social distancing measures so that we can return to our usual activities as soon as possible.”

According to event officials, the Southern Heritage Classic draws, on average, more than 75,000 attendees between the game, tailgating, a parade and other associated activities. Out of fear that the “massive crowds” could contribute to the spread of COVID-19, event organizers decided to cancel all events.

Yikes hope this isn’t a sign of things to come…

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I saw Morehouse College cancelled their 2020 season. First of many, I am afraid.

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The Finebaum show talked about Moorehouse being the first to cancel their season on Friday. This game being cancelled is not good either.

There is no doubt that conferences and ADs will do everything they can to pull off a season of some form over the next 9 to 10 months. We’re just not talking about games for our enjoyment, it is the economic impact on so many and their universities.

I still believe we’ll have a season at some time and in some form, but honestly, the only way I see it occurring is by isolating the teams and having the players take their courses online. The infection rates are too high these days among young people who are not social distancing or wearing masks and you can’t have these athletes out in public among their friends and family and expect it to work.

I know that is difficult to isolate NCAA college players versus pros, but if I was a college athlete I would be all in to play the sport I love. No doubt about it!

If a conference and their member schools decide to adobt such a model it can work if eveyone buys in. They may lose their non-conference schedule, but at least they could have a conference schedule.

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That is NOT a division 1 game…and the event that it is has huge numbers of fans close together both before and during the game/…OF COURSE they cancelled! The very nature of this particular sort of game requires them to do so…Got NOTHING to do with regular season college games where attendance can be set at 50% or even 25 %…President Khator says we’re playing…WE’RE

So no tailgating before or after games.

SHC is the equivalent of a Memphis football game - is it even worth it at this point? Really?

I agree that is what needs to happen to minimize the team getting infected but that will be very difficult to do with some players wanting to see their girlfriends otherwise they may feel like their in prison.

I can see many division II and III schools cancelling football and other sports. Little revenue and few players with pro potential.

For division I (primarily FBS) many schools need the income from the football season as it is noticeable, even if just TV revenue to help offset costs of scholarships. Also several of the players have pro aspirations which would hurt their future as well. Multiple reasons to play a FBS schedule. Not many reasons for lower level schools.

One of the few reasons for lower level schools is for student body development and the college experience, but if limited fans or online classes, that reason is gone as well.

Play spring football and then follow it up with a fall season. If they try to play with no fans it will be a financial disaster and if they have intermittent covid issues it will make for a crappy season.

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The concern I have is that I haven’t heard or read any momentum behind such an approach. I believe just a few weeks ago the college football world was planning on playing this fall, but things have changed. They’ll need to start talking and planning sooner. I think we’re heading to a delayed start and possibly to a winter through the spring set of games. This will give schools further time to plan and prepare in case they have to isolate the teams. It doesn’t feel like there is enough going on to coordinate all across college football to have an effective operating model that will work.

I do think we’re heading to a winter/spring season. But they’ll play in front of fans. I think 25% is a no brainer. The key willl be can they get to 50/% or more during their season whenever it starts. With vaccines projecting to be ready by year-end, it buys them more time to be covered with vaccines being possibly rolled out.

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I can see Div II or III with potential to push into spring.

Div 1 - FBS will not work that way. Finances will not allow for it without major sacrifices. Financially better to play in the fall with no fans would be my guess without having access to all the numbers.

I don’t think you can count on a season if infections keep spiraling upwards. Point is what is said today might not apply in 2-4 weeks.

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Didn’t we shut covid down in the spring? How could we play then with no vaccine?

WHAT does infections have to do with anything?? almost NO ONE is dying now and i think few even get sick…Most all people, particularly young people, test postive but have NO SYMPTOMS! Quit acting like the cemetaries are filling up because they arent…

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The problem with a message board is that people don’t get the sarcasm.

I hope you are being sarcastic. I really do.

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I don’t ever think ‘sarcasm’ when I read Aldine’s posts. Only anger.

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Not going to take your bait Aldine.


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