Speed City series on FloTrack

So I just watched episode 6 of 7. The last episode will be released in two weeks. Episode 6 covers the first day of the Men’s NCAA meet.

Found out that Ike hurt is knee earlier that week in some kind of accident (not training related, I guess) and wasn’t full strength. Preview of episode 7 shows Carl reacting to Burke’s 100 M final. Based on that reaction I’d say the pressure got to Mario as he did not run well at all in that race.

It’s a really good series that I recommend to all Track and Field fans. Go Coogs!


Yeah, Coach Burrell went over the problems we had on the last day to JD. Need to watch that FLOTrack episode though as it probably goes into more depth

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I don’t know if that’s the case about Mario, but he still ran a 10.06 and that was only good enough for 6th. Oduduru ran the 2nd fastest 100m in college history to win. The five guys in front of Mario all had PB’s.

Different conditions for sure, but this year’s 7th place finisher (10.12) would have won the championship in 2018 (Burrell won in 10.13). Burke’s 10.06 would have won 10 of the last 20 100m championships.

There were some amazing performances out there this year. Unfortunately the Coogs weren’t part of most of them…and when we did have our own amazing performances, somebody else was right there in front of us. New records all over the place.


Well your disagreement is with Carl Lewis, not me. Good luck winning that one.

Burke could have had a little better start to the 100m, still had a good race, just not great. In the 200m he ran well also but just not as perfect as in the semis. If he didn’t put up those amazing times in the semis, I think no body would have been disappointed with the finals.

Kind of random question for any here. Is it more common now to change the direction of the sprints because of wind? Both the 2016 and 2017 100m went into a 2+ mph wind. Or is that something where Oregon just wont ever switch it?

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I don’t believe it’s common, but they always do that in Austin. I really haven’t seen anyone else do it.

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