Sportsmap article rebutts Duarte

Yep, excellent leader.

She has long ago realized that to make it through difficult times it is one day at a time, no whinning, buck up, get knocked down or make mistakes you pick yourself and keep going forward tomorrow and in the end you’ll win. Lucky to have her!


I appreciate Joseph Duarte as a writer. He’s readable and fair. And, in this instance, he’s wrong.

As has been previously explained to us UH diehards on more than one occasion, just because the newspaper’s name is the Houston Chronicle and it is published in Houston, Texas doesn’t mean that it owes any favorable quantity or quality of coverage to the University of Houston. OK. I get it. The Chronicle is not the Austin American-Statesman, and UH isn’t the University of Texas at Austin. - Fine.

But, that is a two way street. UH doesn’t owe any return phone calls or other responses to the Chronicle.

Sure, the lack of any response from UH makes Joseph Duarte’s job more difficult; and his fellow UT alums at the Chronicle expect him/pay him to write something. So, he did. Because there was no actual sports activity to write about, he authored an article that trashed the UH administration for not responding to him.

Now, there is still no actual sports activity to write about. So, let me suggest that Joseph Duarte use this time as an opportunity to rebuild that bridge to UH that he torched with his spiteful article. It would be a better use of his time than waiting in line for a coronavirus test.


I always laugh at the comments, “It’s not my job to promote UH sports” by various members of local media. However, they sure seem to think it is their job to promote the Texans, Astros, Rockets, Dynamo, Longhorns, and Aggies,


Reassigned? Duarte should be terminated. The way he has covered the Coogs for the past year is shamefull.

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It is not their job to damage the program either but he has/had no problem doing that.


JD had been a good reporter for UH sports. I didn’t like all of his articles, but I always thought he was fair to our university.

But for some reason, he’s gotten a bit prickly with us lately and I don’t know if it has something to do with his relationship with DH or what.

The SportsMap article nailed it and points out that JD took an unnecessary and unfounded jab at us. And for what? Then, on JD’s twitter feed he’s been retweeting Baylor’s covid tracking tweets as if to say “this is one university that’s informing people the right way”. Sorry JD, I’m not sure you want to use Baylor as the standard for campus welfare and transparency.

JD needs to chill out and stop grinding his ax. I don’t fault Madame Khator or DH for ignoring him. No one wants to work with a journalist who’s out to get a gotcha moment.


There are bad actors in every profession, but I still don’t get the feeling that JD is one of those bad actors . Yeah, I don’t like every one of his article either, but he is free to ask almost anything he wants under the freedoms guaranteed to the press. Every administrator and politician should have (or learn) the skills to deal with so-called “gotcha” press moments. If that means that they don’t respond (like President Khator did), that’s okay, but let’s not automatically vilify the media for asking difficult questions.

Go Googs!

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It wasn’t the questions…those were legit. It was the p5 reference and “If you rushed student-athletes back to campus with a flimsy, inadequate and ill-conceived plan, why should parents and fans have trust in anything you do or say moving forward?” comments that rankle most and definitely hurt his credibility on this story.


It felt good for me when I sent him an email letting him know of my opinion of his opinion.

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Those comments are hard to read, I’ll admit, and it is hard when journalists mix their opinions (and biases) with the articles they are writing, but that is the nature of writing. If there are just questions and responses though, without the accompanying articles, we might not have newspapers.

The distinction between reporting and opinion have become increasing blurred in the media over the years. Both are needed. It’s when they are combined in a single story without acknowledgement of such, it detracts from both.


Yes, there is a blurring of the lines. Some news outlets (don’t need to name them here), are FAR worse than others and parade opinion as news. Nonetheless, the media have the right to do so. And, it is incumbent on every American leader to learn how to navigate this minefield without resorting to vilifying the media. It is what it is.

  1. There is reporting. and.
  2. There is opinion.

You have to separate the two, it is one or the other.

That said, for a Longhorn, I thought he covered us pretty well. Something got him upset enough or maybe he didn’t realize that this is happening everywhere?

I agree. Should there be a separation? Yes. But few achieve this successfully on a consistent basis. As I said, it is what it is.

The HC is anything but the press for the simple reason that the press is supposed to be unbiased and just report.

They have opinion columns for the other stuff.

The HC is just one big opinion column.


I welcome unbiased reporting, but, unfortunately, bias is part of most newspaper reporting, and we have to play the hand we’re dealt (or not play at all). I would definitely welcome another newspaper outlet (like the now defunct Houston Post), if only to give the Chronicle some competition. But, unless someone else starts a high-circulation newspaper (not an easy prospect for anyone wanting to get into the business), the HC is what we are stuck with.

I unstuck myself many years ago😝

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I was surprised by the tone of Duarte’s article. It was not like anything else I’ve read by him.

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Maybe he received orders from the mother ship !!


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