Starting 5 for Saturday?

(Jimmy Morris) #41

All the focus on my dream team selection, thought I’d bring it back to my predicted lineup. :slight_smile:

(Munzell Milluns) #42

The one area where Penders excelled was shooting skills. He used to say that if you were missing free throws it was due to laziness.

I wish we could start hitting free throws.

Btw - White seems to lack confidence sometimes. I don’t know why. He can drop points with skill at times.

On 3-pointers, we were shooting 16.1% in the first half. This is where Rob restored order in the lane. With all the quickness we have at guard cannot one guy develop a lane game?

(Jimmy Morris) #43

Penders hired a free throw specialists. Just don’t get how one guy (Davis) can be so good at free throws and others so bad on the same team.

Rob gets over glorified on his “lane game” because they remember the good ones. I’d be willing to bet that Rob converted less than half of his drives into points or assists. Galen and Corey are solid at driving the lane but those crappy Jordan shoes on the new court aren’t doing them any favors. There are more slips than squeaks and something needs to be done about that before players get hurt.

(Randy Randel) #44

It has to be the shoes as our opponents don’t seem to be slipping as much.

While I don’t know if it can be quantified but if it could I would like to see the comparison of what Rob provided on offense versus what we do on the defensive end this season. For instance, I thought Dejon did the best job on McDuffie last nite.

(Randy Randel) #45

We’re not a bad FT shooting team and had we hit our season average we would have had a double-digit victory. Corey was due to miss one although he had a legitimate excuse after the cut above his eye that required stitches. That said, Galen has to make at least 1 of a 2-shot opportunity in that situation. Braeon has been steady from the line so far, so I don’t know what caused him to not even draw iron on one of his attempts. Of course anytime Chris goes to the line multiple times your percentage is going to take a hit.

(Jimmy Morris) #46

Yeah not making it up. Heard a kid telling his dad that he talked to the players after a game at TSU and some said the shoes are more about style than being good basketball shoes. I’m sure that some styles are better than others but I’d be surprised if Jordan’s company just let’s the players try an unlimited amount of styles until they find ones they like.


We can probably find 2-3 TOs from slipping last night alone. The Jordan shoes appear to stink.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #48

Nike brand has been bad for years. As a runner I will not wear them.

(Munzell Milluns) #50

What the Hell?!?

We’re not a bad FT shooting team?

We’re shooting 72.1% and ranked 110th in the country. We’re one bad game away from shooting in the 60%’s as a team.

(PMM) #51

We are not !!!

We have one player not up to par or we would probably be in the top 30.

He does shoot 3’s pretty good and is a very good rebounder.

(Randy Randel) #52

Out of 300+ teams. I didn’t say we are a great shooting FT team

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #53

Our two fr shoot them well and the two who get to the line the most do as well in Jarreau and Davis. The bigs outside of Harris are decent.
Brooks is better than what he has shown but he does not go to the line a lot.

(Jimmy Morris) #54

Had to post this before anyone else did. lol :blush:


If you think they aren’t reading this board, you’re wrong lol.

(Jimmy Morris) #56

I’m 100% positive Sampson doesn’t read the board. There is a chance his answer was a response to someone that reads the board and asked about Alley not starting. Wasn’t there though so maybe someone that was can fill in the blanks.

(Randy Randel) #57

It was not in response to a question at the show, either by Jeremy or anyone in the crowd.

BTW, I’m fairly certain that last nite’s attendance was the largest in the 5 years of his radio show.

(PMM) #58

White started because he is the better player and CKS knows that he has to get more meaningful game time to get in better game shape.

White did not let him down.

I agree that who starts is less important than who produces. We have 9 ( in reality) in the rotation. Those who want to play and produce will get their minutes. Some games more, some games less.

(Jimmy Morris) #59

Well like I had stated before the game, if White isn’t 100% in game shape but is the better producer at this time, the only way to maximize his minutes is starting him. Playing 7, rest 6 and playing 7 is a lot more minutes than sitting 5, playing 7, resting 6, playing 2.


All I know is that when Armoni is on fire, they should feed him every single time down the court. When he gets in God-mode, he can make a shot anywhere on the court. It’s truly a thing of beauty. Reminds me a lot of Mitch Richmond going unconscious during hot steaks during his Run TMC days.

(Russell Wayne Sollock) #61

We are past that as a program where one guys gets hot so he gets the rock every time. We run the offense and make good decisions. Just have to pull the trigger with confidence when the opportunity is there.