State of the Roster - Post Signing Day

I thought Chris Johnson had to quit because of a concussion.

Couple thoughts:
OL - I think Josh Jones will start at OT
LB - don’t know a lot about Milburn. We definitely need someone to step up.
CB - both corners are unproven. I hope we are surprised by the guys signed in 2016. We recruited a bunch of guys there last year.

OL - You’re right; got Josh Thomas and Josh Jones mixed up in the brain.
LB - There’s not really a whole lot on Milburn other than he had the most time on the field this past year of the guys remaining. We are very shallow at LB this spring and the freshmen should get a chance to start come summer
CB - Javian Smith looked fairly sharp in the limited time he had on the field as a freshman; I think he might be a solid CB. Winchester, well, he tries hard; really hoping Jennings can teach him proper technique. Ka’Darian Smith also saw the field last year as a freshman and hopefully can learn quickly. Rosette was the other Freshman, but ended up redshirting last year.

Correction to my roster posts: Cameron Doubenmier is not on scholarship as I had originally thought.

Also, it looks like the roster has been updated and the following walk-ons are no longer listed:

  • DB Grayson Thorburn (FR)
  • DL Deandre Smith (JR)
  • OL Ryan Hirsch (SO)
  • WR Keisland Smalls (FR)

And one walk-on has been added:

  • TE Mason Tobola (FR) - QB from West, TX c/o 2016 - I think he may have actually been on the roster this past year, but was removed when I originally posted the roster breakdown above
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He wasn’t a TE. He was a spec player with connections to Tony Heath.

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