Stay safe y'all

Sending all the positive vibes we can from the west coast to the gulf coast.


Thinking of you.

Hope everyone is holding up? Heard reports of Tornado’s in Sienna Plantation in Mo City? My mom is in Stafford and all she has been getting is a lot of rain, with the worst to come.

Tornado hit mom’s neighborhood last night. Just knocked a huge tree down in her yard. Didn’t hit the house though. Others weren’t so lucky. No one is hurt from what my friends are saying. The flooding isn’t that bad yet, it’s not even half way up the driveway. Hope you guys are alright.

This is just so SAD. This rain just keeps coming. Stay safe my coogfans!


This storm escalated quickly here in Houston. Praying for Coog Nation and Region. Keep an eye on your Folks. We still have a few more days to go.


Lot of rain out in Katy, a few tornadoes hit in the area as well. Grandmother’s house took some damage which is keeping me busy right now.

Heard some stories about some other Coogs; hope everyone pulls through and my thoughts are with you.


I hate to see the people of the City in need. I am trapped on both sides by water, but I want to help, but with no boat I am stuck. My efforts, for now, will be in prayers and post storm.

Does anyone have experience organizing volunteer efforts?

Maybe we can band together and form a team to help our neighbors once this passes. It would be wise not to get in the way of the pro’s during the storm.


Out of town Coog praying for you guys.


Mom’s house in Missouri City, water is 8 feet from entering house. Strangely they still have power, phone and internet. Street is a river.

What a catastrophe for millions. Stay safe all.

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For those out of Houston:

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Checking in with all my friends and family down in Houston, all are safe but a few are evacuating. My heart is broken for the good people of Southeast Texas, but when I see all the neighbors helping neighbors, boats, jet skis and pontoons picking up people - I’m proud of my home state and the good folks who call Houston and SE Texas home.

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I’m going to the GRB to help. The Montrose area isn’t too bad when it comes to flooding. I more than likely will be able to make it back from downtown.

Parents had to evacuate this morning in Missouri City. Looks like the are going to lose the house. Stay strong Houston.

For all of the out of town Coogs we need to contact major corporations and ask them to donate. I contacted my old company and now my new one. Donations are tax deductible.


Yeah thinking of ways to help.

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