Strength of Schedule? Are you kidding me?


The strength of schedule metric is what the CFP committee and sports analysts use to keep G5 teams underrated. This measurement is the key to make sure no G5 team moves up too far in the rankings and ensuring their path to the playoffs will be harder than P5 schools.

So this, all important measurement that determines my faith, made me want to know exactly what it is.

  • How is the strength of schedule calculated?
  • How can you have a strength of schedule measurement at the beginning of the season when no one has played a game?
  • Is the SOS determined from how the team performed the previous year?

I believe the CFP committee relies heavily on the SOS in their rankings and have said that they do not look at what happened the previous year and that each team starts with a clean slate. If this is the case, how can they use the strength of schedule if it was determined by performances from the previous year? This sounds like another reason to litigate.

If no one on this board or in college football can say how the strength of schedule is calculated, we may have to find out in a courtroom.


I use the opponents winning percentage and the opponents opponents winning percentage to determine SOS. It only makes sense after all the games are played. I haven’t done it for this season yet. When I did it after the 2017 season, many more G5 teams made the top 25 than were in any of the polls.


Is there a standard calculation so we can all come out with the same results,?


I don’t know. I think every published SOS probably has its own formula.


That is what I thought. It’s time for us to find out what iare the calculations of the SOS used by the CFP committee.


I don’t think they’ll tell us.


And that is why litigation is needed.

(P5_OR_BUST) #8

CFP is a private organization. It has no legal reason to explain how it selects the participants. Heck if they wanted to, the could select any program they wanted.


Exactly, are you going to have bubble teams suing if they don’t get picked for the NCAA basketball tournament?


Different is, anyone that get selected can make it to the NC if they win 5 games. The CFP don’t want to open it up to more teams, thus we are seeing the same teams they want in there only. It o’s in fact, out of Fear that a Cinderella team can win it all…


Litigation is over used and over rated. Just accept that “Life ain’t fair” and “it’s hard to be a Coog” and that’s all you need to know about CFP.

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Are you serious, Bear?


To let someone mistreat me, abuse me or deprive me of an equitable chance of success, without the proper recourse, would be unamerican.

This is a very big IF but if UH goes undefeated next year, we should be in the playoffs. The SOS should be strong next year with OU and Wazzu ranked.


Yes sir.


We have to earn it but I don’t think winning all our games is sufficient. Our conf on its own is not considered strong enough to justify a top ranking (see UCF) and 2 good games against P5 teams will certainly help but our other OOC games, not so much. Personally I don’t think that adds up to a chance in a CFP game for us. Hope I’m wrong.


Zero chance we go undefeated next year!

(Cary) #17

The chances you give them at going undefeated is literally impossible. There is always more than a 0% chance.


It is all Subjective… Because they tell you that you are a dog, you don’t have to believe it…


Realistically with our crap defense, which is not going to suddenly be awesome next year, winning at OU, ok 1% chance, lol, they are going to want to embarrass us for the loss here in Houston a couple yrs ago,cmon guys get real we have small chance at best at OU, and we have NEVER went undefeated in our history, it ain’t going to happen next year, quit smoking crack


Then put me down for the under. Again, hope I’m wrong but ignore that part of the comment if you choose to.