Student Appreciation Practice - Saturday, April 1st

Be real nice if we could get 400 students out there…

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If we get more than UT we need to spread that all over the Internet.

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i think this is a waste of time and resources,

Check the date again.

It would be amazing if we could have 1000+ student there in Cougar Red… and completely obliterate the showing that the UT students had last weekend. Austin American Statesman said that “300” showed up to watch the Horns.

I know we can do better… Fingers crossed! #CoogNation has been known to rally and pull off big things!


If its a beautiful morning, UH will obliterate that zips number. Put it back in the face of Judas who always complain about the attendance at UH.

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Can us alumni come?

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hard to tell but looks to be a good crowd in line

I am curious what the student crowd looked like?

No crowd. Just the few students that were allowed to practice on the field. About 30 students.

Yikes…not good.

Never thought this was a good idea.

It says clearly on the sign, the first 30 students get to participate. Come on guys. SMH


I was under the impression from my interactions with the coaches, and the way this was advertised, that any student that showed would be allowed in and that the first 30 would get to be in the locker room, get to wear jerseys, etc.

If not, then the turnout is understandable.

If we were trying to draw a ton of students, may not have been a good idea to schedule the practice for Cougar Preview weekend as well as a weekend when almost all of our student athletes are gone.

I guarantee you some people thought the whole thing was an April fool’s joke. Asking students to show up at 8:30 on a Saturday morning was borderline silly.


Embedded video:

Dunbar seems to have really stepped up as a senior leader this year.

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I think he has received multiple Dude of the Day awards on offense. He must be doing a lot right.

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