Students get to name Student Section at Fertitta Center

(Patrick) #1

(David) #2

Fertitta Fickles? Oh wait…that is the whole fan base.


Will stand for FOOD.


We were the Bleacher Creatures when I was there from '98 - '02. Are the Bleacher Creatures still around?


Wonder how many “Sectiony McStudentSectionFace” submissions there will be?


CCheese, nice on the Boaty McBoatface reference.

(Patrick) #7


Eh… I don’t care what it’s called as long as students show up and get loud.


I see on Twitter that a ton of people are disappointed about the new name. Just throwing my 2 cents out here:

  1. What’s wrong with “The Cage”?

  2. Who gives a flying flip what the student section is called? Just call it the “UH Student Section.”


Based upon recent (translation: the last 10 years, at least) the UH student section should be named “The Invisible Planet” because you never see anyone there.

Or, how about the “Turn Around and Don’t Just Walk to Your Car After Class - There’s a Game Tonight” section?

Perhaps the “You Can Get in Free, So Why Not Attend?” section would be a good name.

(jb) #11

Don’t we already call TDECU the cage? This doesn’t make sense to me. The nickname has to go for one or the other.

(gpropes) #12

Knowing the apathy of the student body towards basketball, maybe that was the only submission? #KiddingNotKidding

(jb) #13

Not a student anymore, but my suggestion of “The Zamal Nixon Student Section” went unheeded apparently.


Not even Cagy McCageface.

Kinda disappointing. Kidding.

(Butch) #15

Whatever it takes to get the students back to being involved with the basketball program…I just know this, a couple thousand students sitting in the stands back the atmosphere much better. They are a vital part of the growth of this program…

(Matt Jackson) #16

Call it “Tide Pods”, something they can really sink their teeth into. #TheseKids