STW early 2018 2 deep predictions

(Ricardo Montano) #1

They are clearly missing some huge pieces like Isaiah Chambers and Bryan Jones but I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions down below

(Patrick) #2

I think Braylon Jones will be moved to RT and Bardwell/Denley will probably start at the Guard spots. I’d also expect guys like Wooten and Murphy to be in the mix on the line.

I’m not sure I’d pencil in Corbin as a starter at WR. He needs to improve his attitude and his hands to see the field more. A lot of talent at that position so there are a lot of options there.

Catalon will start over Car, but they’ll both get plenty of carries.

Turner will be in the mix, but I’d be surprised if he’s starting. My guess is that Chambers will start, but we have a lot of solid DL. Fleming had a fantastic game against Navy.

I think Godfrey is probably in line to start at one of the LB positions. Beyond that, who knows.

Winchester isn’t starting now so I’d be surprised if he starts next year. Johnson and Myres are probably the starters again unless they can find some guys to come in and take that position.

Stuard will probably start at the slot corner spot over Joel Williams. Good seeing him back on the field against Navy.

(Ricky ) #3

Was it me or did Isaiah Johnson only play on special teams on Friday?

(Tom) #4

Hoping Godfrey or Anenih improve and step up to Starting OLB. I’d prefer to see more effort in that position next season.

(Monte P Gilliam) #5

Ric, that is a very good breakdown based on returning guys. I do think we have a number of transfers, redshirt freshman and a few true freshmen who will come into the picture, playing time wise.

(sarkcoog) #6

Would not be surprised if Jarrid Williams moves over to the Right Tackle spot. He did pretty good subbing for Jones. I believe there will be some redshirt freshmen pushing for the other two WR positions. I think Lark showed he could be a good solution for one of the WR positions. Agree about Corbin.

Defense, if Bryan Jones makes it in, I think either he or Chambers are in Thurman’s slot. I believe Godfrey and Anenih have better upside than Egbule. I look for either JC LBs or a Redshirt Freshman or Freshman at the inside positions. Corners will most likely be who you listed, Safeties - Garrett Davis and several possibilities for the other spot.


Regardless of the order, O-Line and D-Line is a huge concern going forward. We have a lot of SR’s and JR’s at those positions. I really hope CMA finds a way to give younger guys a ton of reps next year.

Other than that, I think our secondary is going to really strong; the WR’s will be young, and less polished than Dunbar or Bonner at getting open. However, they look to be really explosive.

King will be able to sit behind a veteran O-Line with a lot of starts together on the left side.

12-0 !!! Go Coogs!


Carter was extremely disruptive as well.


losing na’ty and marcus on the Oline is going to hurt just as bad as losing steven and linell at WR.

(Jay C.) #10

I would expect Kameron Eloph to return to the starting lineup at guard after missing this year. He played pretty well there for us in 2016, and will have 2 years of eligibility remaining.

We will need some major contributions from the group of young LBs next year, Parish, Milburn, Gooden, Willis-Dalton, etc.

(Will) #11

I expect **** DL transfer Chambers from TCU to be in 2 deep


Did I miss something, what happened to Dixie Wooten?

(Ricardo Montano) #13

Maybe he isn’t as good as some of us may think? Maybe he has a breakout year in 2018?

(Jay C.) #14

Still VERY early in Dixie’s career. I have posted this on Coogfans before, but we have to remember that it USUALLY takes quite a bit longer for offensive lineman to make an impact at the college football than other position groups. They need at least one offseason typically to develop their bodies and gain the strength to battle in the trenches, plus they have to learn the much more complex protection schemes at this level. We’ve had some OL contribute early recently (Noble, Bardwell, Jones), but that is more the exception than the rule. I would bet Dixie becomes a contributor with the departure of Rodgers.


Thanks. I knew he redshirted last year, so I figured with two summers he would be making the 2 deep. I only assume this because I thought he was rated fairly high coming out of high school. He will be a redshirt sophomore next year.


Hope we get that kid from New Orleans, Lawrence Keys III.


I hope you’re wrong, but you’re probably not. lol