Sumlin cashing in

Sumlin’s coaching career peaked at A&M. He was fortunate to have had Case Keenum at UH and Manziel at A&M else he would still be coaching defensive backs. Really, an overrated coach who was in the right place at the right time.

I doubt he finishes his contract at Arizona. I see him in tbe broadcast booth if or as analyst. He’s just cashing at this point trying to take as much money as he can.


God forbid he ever make it to a broadcast booth. Man can barely complete a sentence !!


Agreed and he is not a good bullshidder. No gift of gab but the dude can write a check.

He also knows how to “cash a check” . . . . .

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Was wondering today: does the same apply for Kliff?

Soon to be cashing out.

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