Sumlin Press Conference

Neat to see Sumlin get a little sentimental about being back at Houston.

He is still a poor speaker !!

he is so articulate I can see why a$m went after him!

He is so hung over he’s straining to pay attention and keep his eyes open.


He looks like Kevin Hart’s older brother

Question: Is this the 1st time a former Houston head coach has been the head guy against the Cougars?

Herman - No
Gibbs - No, but he was the DC for Tech last year
Levine - No
Sumlin - Yes - this week
Thurmond - No, but was the DC/CB coach for Rice in 2011, 2012, and 2013
Briles - No
Dimel - No
Helton - No
Jenkins - No
Pardee - No
Yeoman - No
Lahar - No
Meek - Yes, he was the head coach of Utah in 1971 when the Coogs beat the Utes 42-16
Lee - No

Wonder if Big Ed picked up the phone when Sumlin called?


How about former Asst Coaches returning? A la Kingsbury.

Would love to have Dimel and his UTEPers back on Cullen Blvd. he knows a lot about losing.

Helton can stay in California. Same with Dana Holgerson and Morgantown.

That would be a tough one…maybe something to track down in the future.

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