Summer-Fall training 2018

(Patrick) #1

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1st day of hoop summer conditioning.
Coogs sporting the new UH Jumpman shorts & tanks.
Jumpman sneakers look like regular styles. Looking forward to seeing the UH customs.

(Lincoln Scott) #3

Is Gabe Grant staying with the team for the 2018-2019 season? I see him in a lot of today’s workout photos with all current players. He also was wearing the Jordan gear. I thought he was transferring. Maybe Kelvin Sampson asked him to stay.


these summer workout stuff always clears up a lot in regards to “reported” height,
remember when we all thought sangoyomi was 7 foot, only to be shorter than chicken in every pics to later be listed at 6’8

gresham isnt 6’9 or everyone on our roster has grown 2 inches… on the flip dejon might taller than expected

curious why hinton isn’t working out/ what is up with the other vanbeck twin…

(Ricardo Montano) #5

To be fair Brison is kind of hunched over in all the pictures.


lol i know but caleb broodo is listed at 6’7, breaon is listed at 6’8…that isnt a 3 inch hunch…

my guess is that he is 6’7.5 ish, somewhere around there

(Chris) #7

Sorry if I mentioned this before. Here is quick story meeting MJ. I was leaving a restaurant with some of my U of H friends. On our way out we noticed that MJ was sitting at a table with William Fuller I believe (another NC grad) and Kenny Smith. Outside of the restaurant my friend asks me to go ask MJ for his autograph. I replied “Why don’t you do it yourself?” He was a little star struck. So I went back in and went straight to MJ’s table and explained that my buddy wanted his autograph. He then replied and getting close with:
“I can’t do it. If I do it I will have the entire restaurant asking for it” I looked at W.Fuller in disbelief but I replied with “That is fine no worries and GO ROCKETS” MJ then shook my hand. It was very weird. His hand felt like silk. I kid you not. I shook William’s and it sure was different. My friend up to this day complains that I did not get it for him. By the nicest athlete that I have met were Hakeem, Robert Horry and Charles Barkley. Charles loved to interact with the fans after games. You could have a beer with him and just be a regular guy.

(Patrick) #8

Even tagged Gabe on this Facebook photo. Guessing he may have changed his mind. Don’t mind that; guy might be a key player this year.

(Patrick) #9

Kid is all legs:

(gpropes) #10

Manute Bol thinks this dude has skinny legs.

(Gerald) #11

Coach Bishop has some work to do with this one …

(Chris) #12

Its the shorts:
Compare it to this:

I never understood the change to longer shorts. It looks as if players are wearing PJ’s.


Two words…



(Patrick) #14

Playing high school basketball in the early 90’s, I can tell you that the short shorts weren’t exactly fun or flattering to wear as a freshman. When I was a sophomore, I was moved to a brand new school and they ordered longer shorts for us which were much more comfortable and easier to wear. Our team was very happy about the change and it really had nothing to do with the Fab 5 or anything; it was just more comfortable.

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Moving a lot of the pictures from the other day over here from the Jumpman thread.

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Was that Professor Hinton trying to defend Davis? Good stuff…welcome to H-town


galen on instagram is in a boot, looks like he sprained his ankle …

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This looked tough.

(Patrick) #20

In the video from today, Galen isn’t in a boot. Sure that wasn’t from last year?