T&F going for the national title tonight

For those that don’t make it down to the T&F forum, men T&F have a great shot at winning the national title tonight. Basically a 3 horse race between Texas Tech, Houston, and Florida.

Action will be on ESPN tonight with the 1st Coog hitting the track at 8:12pm.

More details at the link below:


Go Coogs! I will be watching, our chances would be much better with the 4x100 team running, everything will have to fall our way tonight

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The men continue to build upon our great tradition. We used to amaze the Track and Field community with outstanding individual efforts going back to the days when Robertson Stadium was one of the premier track and field hubs. We are now doing it as a team effort on the national stage. Go Coogs!!!

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Yes, Go Coogs…win !

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I was disappointed to find out we did not qualify to compete in the 4 x 100. I don’t watch much T&F but that is my favorite along with the 100. Events that UH has excelled at for two different decades.

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Yeah, that was a real gut punch

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And two of the youngsters that used to run at Robertson are now our coaches!

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Coogs finish 3rd overall for the 2nd straight year as Tech takes the title. Great job by the T&F program as they continue to build a powerhouse.

That’ll do it for this athletic year. Onto 2019-20 now.


They need to focus on improvement in field sports and long distance. The women are coming along and we are doing great in speed events.

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Yeah, obviously you can’t complain about the sprinting but I found myself getting into the steeplechase and 5K tonight and it’d be cool if we had athletes pushing to qualify in that. Brian Barraza last year was a horrific wipeout away from probably finishing top 3 in the steeple… but I am not sure I see any athletes who are on the verge of being very good in any of the distance events.


What happened in the 4 x 100 for us not to qualify?

I agree that we need to improve our field events. Track events have gotten us to 3rd place, but to win the NC we have to excel in the other events. That said, we finished ahead of A&M and UT. Congrats to TTU.


Dropped the baton in the regionals.

Cougars continue to impress, we do more with less then any school in the country.


So not to rub some salt in this, but if we would not have dropped a baton and placed 8th in it, would it had been enough to take second or first? Or if we would have killed it and taken first in it like we can would that have overcome the point total?

I do not think that alone would have done it, we would have needed to improve our performance in our other events. It would have made us very close with Florida for second.

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Need to improve on distance events also. The sprints are carrying the load.

We don’t compete in enough events

I believe we overweight our scholarships on sprinters.

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Of the 60 finalists in the 5k, 10k, and steeplechase, only 4 came out of the SEC and only 4 out of the Big 12 (2 on OK state who focuses on distance like we do sprints). Its just not the area of the country for that. BYU had 12 of those 60. I am sure somewhere on their fan site there are people posting about needing to get more sprinters.

Now we should (and I believe we will) improve in cross country and those guys going on the track, but we should never expect to have more than 1 athlete getting points there every few years.

Track and field works with 12.6 scholarships though and guys like Montgomery, Burke, Obi, etc require a full scholarship to get. Loading up on 100 and 400 guys is smart because of the relays for those distances and the fact that some of those guys should be elite in the 200 as well. Florida got 34 of their 50 points off those 5 events. Tech got almost half their points (28 of 60) just off the 100, 200, and 4x100. More bang for your buck with the sprints.