Teenager paralyzed after football game gets surprise visit - Coogs in the Community 2018-19 supplement

(Patrick) #1

Wide receiver Kinte Hatton and tight end Romello Brooker showed up with a ball in hand to show their support.

“He just kept looking at them,” Currie said. “His eyes danced and his mom told me, ‘You could not have seen a happier kid.’”

During their 10-minute visit, Jefferson was able to move his right arm the furthest yet.

“He was able to bend his whole elbow,” Currie said. “Like he was showing them that he had a strong arm and that he was going to be strong.”

(Cristian) #2

Wow… Prayers to the kid and good on us for making a visit. GoCoogs

(Class of 1981) #3

Coogs showing good character!