TEMPLE HC Dunphy done after 18-19, Aaron McKie is next HC

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McKie seems like nice hire. Long, long Philly connections:

Philly High School (Simon Gratz), great player @ Temple.
1st rounder and 13 years in NBA. 6th man of the year for 76ers.
76ers Asst Coach before Temple Asst.

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Wow…I mean, it’s not too surprising as some have been wondering if Temple would keep Dunphy after a couple of mediocre seasons, but it’s still surprising.

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Lots of grumbling on TU board about replacing him asap. Apparently buy out was too costly so this is the cheaper/graceful way of moving him on.


TU is losing a very classy guy! Hopefully McKie can get Temple back to elite level and help the conference overall.

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So if they take another step backwards next season, is it fault of Lame duck head coach or asst HC who is taking over program? I prefer to rip the band aid off.

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One of his goals is for Temple to become a more serious player in Philadelphia recruiting. “It is a huge priority to recruit Philadelphia,” he said. McKie starred at Simon Gratz in Philly before enjoying an outstanding career at Temple, where he remains sixth on the all-time scoring list with 1,650 points. This past season, Temple had two scholarship players from the Philadelphia area on its roster: guard Shizz Alston (Haverford School) and center Ernest Afklapui (Archbishop Carroll).

He points out, however, that Temple didn’t dominate the city in recruiting when he attended the university.

“I think it’s a perception that Temple has been having a large number of Philadelphia players because, when I was there, the only players from Philadelphia were me and Mik Kilgore,” he said. “Everybody else was from other places, and it has usually been like that at Temple.”

That said, he promises to recruit hard in this area.