Tevin Mack

Has been released from Texas due to a violation. Not sure what is was and he was their top scorer. Do we go after him?

Possible, CKS likes his reclamation projects (Pollard, Dotson). Mack would help replace Dotson if he did come to Houston.

I’m sure he’ll have other suitors and his status for next year may be up in the air. Might be worth a look see and it’s why CKS tends to leave one scholly available.

Probably violated something on purpose to get out of that Austin dumpster fire. By the way, have I mentioned lately how happy it makes me that UT is 4-12 in conference and 10-19 overall?

Pretty sure we have all the wings and guards we need next year.

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Let’s put it this way, if Baylor was going after him, would we think “of course they would?” If so, we shouldn’t go after him. The guy has been suspended for most of the season. We don’t need those kind of problems.

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