Texans expected to keep O'Brien, sources say


BOB’s record with the Texans
2014 9 / 7 finished 2nd in div
2015 9 / 7 finished 1st in div lost wildcard game
2016 9 / 7 finished 1st in div won 1st playoff game lost 2nd
2017 4 / 12 if loss today otherwise 5 / 11
regular season record 31 / 33 playoff record 1 / 2
expected to be retained for 2018 with contract extension

(Patrick) #2

What a joke of an organization. Very hard to support them.

(Patrick) #3


Both Rick Smith and Bill O’Brien need to go. Rick Smith is incompetent and Bill O’Brien is a career .500 coach. On the other hand, at least he looks like a coach. That must mean something, right? :wink:


McNair is making tons of money whether the Texans win or lose. That is the heart of the matter.

(Ryon Adams) #6

Good grief.

I sure hope that he fools me and gets the Texans to the playoffs next year, but I’m not optimistic.


Even when Bob was making the playoffs the Texans were 9 - 7. He is a career .500 coach even when he “wins”. But a previous poster is correct. The Texans are making McNair money hand over fist and has sold out every game so why should he care. A little lip service about the Super Bowl being the goal and the Comical will kiss his NFL a…ring.