Texas A&M defeats UNC 86-65


March Madness really doesn’t like Houston…

Not only losing by a buzzer beater, but losing a chance to battle one of our worst enemies in the sweet 16. This would have been huge for us!!! This makes me so mad lol

Damn you March Madness!

(G.W.) #2

The guy was 0-fer before hitting that prayer shot.
Feel really bad for Devin Davis. But it happens to everyone at some point.

To me the turning point in the game was the shitty call on the 5-point play when we were starting to pull away. It put them back in the game.

(G.W.) #3

I knew UNC would lose.


we may never get this chance again

this sucks


I hope Michigan beats them by 20 points, it would make our loss look better since it took a miracle shot at the buzzer for Michigan to beat us.

(Mark Shapiro) #6

Why do people keep repeating that Poole was 0fer before that shot? It’s just not true. He was 3/5 for the night. That means he was 2/4 before the shot.


i hadnt watched any basketball today becuase it still bothered me what happened yesterday. i had kinda gotten over the game…but seeing that a&m score kinda really upset me…

and now whatever happens in the sweet 16 will really upset me

(jimmyschofield) #8

I guess I’ll be the bitter old man here. Screw Michigan and how they won the game. I have no ill will towards those kids at A&M. I hope they blow Big Blue out.