Texas A&M gives Jimbo Fisher dateless national championship plaque

(Patrick) #1

Not a fake article.

Look, we get it. Expectations have been raised. We want the best. But at some point A&M needs to stop acting like they’ve crossed the finish line just by hiring Jimbo Fisher. Stop taking credit for his Florida State accomplishments, and certainly stop giving him plaques for championships at A&M that he hasn’t even won yet. Jimbo is a great hire, and the possibility exists that he could do really well in College Station. But right now that’s all it is: a possibility. The odds of him bringing a national title to A&M and the odds of him being the next Fran are probably about the same.



Aggies being Aggies.

(Charles) #4

no wonder Aggies are always underachievers. stupid people.


They’ve all drunk the CFP kool-aid. There is no NCAA Division I Football Champion. Sheesh, that’s bad even for them.


This buyout is gonna hurt.

(VancouverCOOG) #7

Leave it to the aggies to outdo themselves.

(Bryant Hargrave) #8

Wow Aggies, just wow.


I should have said NCAA Division I FBS Champion. There is a NCAA DI FCS Champion.



All I know is that everytime A&M loses, this picture will be posted on r/CFB and every SEC football discussion board

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This is a great illustration of setting your goals too high. the first goal for these clowns should be conference then National but i digress.


They can’t be outdone by UCF.

(br5exg) #13

Sweet Baby Jesus, Aggies embarrass themselves again!!!


actually individual aggies are achievers and even over achievers. It is just as a sports and group that they don’t shine.


Aggies fascinate me. Insecurity wrapped in over inflated egos. That in an of itself is not that uncommon but what makes the Aggies fascinating is that they never seem to give up. They never seem to get over the top but they never stop trying. They seem to stick out their chest and say “we are better than you, it is just a matter of time before the world sees it”. No matter how many 7-5 or 6-6 seasons they have they never stop believing in their inevitable greatness. It is somewhat charming.

Me, I would take the aggie mindset over the Longhorn mindset of “we are great and you suck and that is just how life was meant to be. So sit back and accept your lot in life, accept the fact that there we are your betters.” The Longhorns are over inflated egos wrapped in larger over inflated egos. They are not charming in the least.


It’s good to have goals. The plaque is simply a marketing tool with an eye to the future.

I have no problem with what they’ve done.


i’d like to give my two cents about the aggies and their ways but that ship of an omelette I had for bfast is fixin to leave port for open seas and i gotta go.

(Mike Higdon) #18

They first need to win their division, which will not happen in the foreseeable future, unless Bama, LSU, and Auburn suddenly all get bad at the same time.