Thank You Cam!

I know Brodo family and they live in Htown.

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Best wishes, Cam, for great success on the basketball court where ever you take your great shooting talents to, and thanks for giving your all in helping the Coogs make a magical run to the Final Four this season. We’ll never forget your contributions to the team and how you represented the university with great class during your time here.


Just took a peak at twitter to see some of the reactions and have to say some of our fans are toxic. Just wish the guy well. No need to demean him or talk down about his game.


I concur. All you can ask of any player is to give 100%, and Cameron did that.


Why do they keep saying he’s from Michigan? Did the family move here with him?

Yes :+1:

He’s from Texas… btw!

Every fan base has people like this – it’s unfortunate but it happens. Much like the newer fans during the Peach Bowl run, you will get all kinds jumping on the bandwagon of a team fresh off a Final Four run.

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Darn. I was thinking he’d be our sniper next season. Hate to see anyone leave but wish him well.

Thx Cam!

Not sure why so many of you were thinking he was going to do so much for us next year. It doesn’t fit with what we saw this year nor what we know about Coach’s preferences and expectations.

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They saw him hit 9 3s in a game but don’t actually watch, or play basketball… Good luck Cam!

He was one of my kid’s favorite Coogs on this team because of the 3s against Tulane and OLLU.

I saw him play. I’ve also seen coach develop players and also adjust schemes to fit his players. We played a different style when we had Dot, and then Gray.


Team’s Chad Beard Game is taking a major hit with this news.

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