‘That was pure joy for me’: Brandon Wilson’s rise connects coach and player

Blows my mind that Cincy wasn’t using Wilson as a Returner before this season. Put him at RB, get him reps…he’ll help you.

People might not have known Wilson prior to the past three weeks against Arizona, Baltimore and Jacksonville when he returned one for 52 yards, took the opening kickoff to the house against the Ravens and was a shoestring away from six against Jacksonville.

He became the NFL’s leading kickoff returner by a long shot in three short weeks after not having returned a kickoff from the back position in a game in the NFL — preseason or otherwise.

Coombs knows Wilson, though. He’s been standing on the table for him since that day he walked into the Pro Day. That’s not just because of the absurd athletic profile he posted that day in Houston with a low 4.3 speed to go with powerful bench and burst numbers.

It’s because he saw a man scrapping at the bottom of the roster, doing everything the right way, improving, never complaining, unrelenting during every practice and never taking a second off. And having very little publicity to show for it other than a yearly story about how he survived the roster bubble.

Wilson may have been relatively anonymous outside the building, but not to his teammates who watched the effort every day. And certainly not to his position coach.


Stories like Brandons are what drives me to watch the NFL.I love the guys that fly under the radar that just, day in and day out, saddle up and work hard.

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One of my favorite Coogs all time. Very happy he’s getting a chance to shine!


The news that he is good is not news to us. Maybe I’ll go to Cincy soon wearing UH gear and see if anyone makes the connection.


Damn good football player.


I wonder what the over/under is on how many times I’ve watched his Kick-6 against OU.

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Great article on a guy who deserved the exposure. This is another example of stellar players that made Herman look great.


Easily over two dozen for me…this is one of the great all time plays in NCAA history, much less for UH…
Simply can’t get enough of this…


That Oklahoma game was one of the best wins in our history as a program. Was simply awesome. That team had it going on.