The 64-team CFB Bracket

The 64-team college football bracket rolls on with the Sweet 16

(7) Washington State 31, (11) Pittsburgh 24: Mike Leach and the Cougars give … First round: (1) Oklahoma over (16) California, (2) LSU over (15) Houston, (3) …

West region

First round

(2) LSU 27, (15) Houston 10: Ed Orgeron’s Cajun accent might be hard for some outside the Bayou to understand, but what’s clear is that he’s going to have a defense that will get after people and wreak havoc. The Cougars turn it over too much for this one to be close.

Probably basing it on Ward throwing 4 INTs against SDState in Applewhite’s first game as head coach. The offensive coordinator and the QB will be different. It’s dumb for anyone to make predictions of how the Cougar season will go at this point, little alone a detailed guess in the dark of how the imaginary game would play out.

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Please click this link, Please click this link, Please click this link… nah, I don’t think so.

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The only positive thing that I got out of something so stupid is that the AAC and MWC were considered to be equal to participate with 2 teams each, the UH being one of them.

I hope CMA does well in his first year so he can quiet the critics.

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