The Armoni Brooks Thread (Highlights, Stats, etc.)


Stats (per game): 13.4pts- 6.3 Rbs-- 39% from 3

was 2nd team all-AAC

could break the record for most career wins by a houston player and houston career 3pt record depending on how the upcoming season goes


my 2 big things for armoni is bringing it for full games…he tended to disappear for half a game almost every game…i think doing that alone will put him at star level

and i dont think he “needs” to do this but if want to get into the player of the year conversation he needs to get to the free throw line and make it a high percentage

he makes as many FGs as many of the top scorers in the nation, he just doesnt have the 5-10 points per game from the free throw line that those guys get

–it will be really interesting how teams decide to defend us next year…most teams were able to focus on armoni last year…with galen at pg, corey struggling for the 1st half of the season and fabian’s injury/early struggles (with cedrick in)…6 of our 7 top projected players next year are scorers… it will be alot harder to key in on any one player

(Patrick) #3

It’ll be interesting to see how Armoni does as a senior.


I am hoping he comes out a blazing and becomes the leader of this team.

(Butch) #5

No doubt…I expect to Armoni to bring hustle and grit to the table, along with perhaps being the team leader. We already know he can shoot, but I expect him to drive even more and pull up for 10 foot jumpers…maybe even make it to the hoop every once in a while…
I also expect his free throw shooting to get better…

(Patrick) #6

Last year was so strange when it came to his free throw struggles. He was actually a very good free throw shooter his 1st two years. He did seem to get better as the season went on so hopefully it was just a slump that won’t return.