The Awkward Conversation


when your offense looks dramatically better without your best player

bonner and birden both didnt play from injury

king starts on the inside and catalon gets all the real reps and we have our best offensive output of the game with them being the star players

note that someone with bonners skillset was never supposed to play slot in this offense.:
memory jog; bonner only got the slot because samples and stevenson have injury issues. we then had postma play slot after ayers, but them shultz got lost to injury and we needed postma at backup…it was lack of depth that put bonner in the slot

i was thinking about this all last week and it actually got put into theory the following week which is a coincidence

we thrived with him last year because our qb was dynamic enough for the both of them. but this offense was designed to have a dynamic player at slot and now that we are moving to less dynamic qb, a more dynamic and faster slot might be needed

and catalon is starting to hit his strive, since birden was injured he has really taken the reigns of this offense

im not sure what we do with bonner he is still our most reliable WR but putting him at slot might be something to reconsidered

(Patrick) #2

Bonner’s been good, but he’s had some issues this year. He’s dropped some critical balls that ended drives (huge one against Tech in the 2nd half), run poor routes at critical times (Arizona around the goalline was a big one), and has missed quite a few blocks.

I love the kid, but he’s probably been our 3rd best receiver this year.

(Drew) #3

I agree. This offense needs a speedy player in the slot to stretch the defense, which opens up running lanes for RB’s and makes the offese more productive. Speed kills. We have good possession receivers but no real threats aside from King. Personally, I’m not sure why we’re not using Mc:Lemore or Singleton. McLemore had a productive Spring game and has speed, as does Singleton


will be curious to see what applewhite does with that…or if a qb gets hurt…do we move king to back up knowing he is our most dynamic wr