The Dude speaks

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As much as I like to hear that news–Dude of WV has a history of being inaccurate. That being said that set of 4 makes the most sense monetarily.


You left out the prior tweet. Kind of important context.

Christopher Lambert ‏@theDudeofWV 2h2 hours ago
I’m going to take a stand and endorse 4 G5 schools for the Big 12. This is just my opinion and a hard one decision for me to make.

Christopher Lambert ‏@theDudeofWV 2h2 hours ago
The four are BYU, UH, UCF & UC. UCONN was a close to UC but UC has a better football history.


The dude is fun to read…but also a drama queen in the highest sense. He does bring humor in a perverse sort of way to twitter though.

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MHver3 ‏@MHver3 42m42 minutes ago
My source is telling me the expansion candidates are now down to 3 and we won’t go beyond 12 until after other conferences GORs are up

MHver3 ‏@MHver3 46m46 minutes ago
Those three are Uconn BYU and Cincy.


Would a Cincy and UConn-less AAC still beat out the MWC for the NY6 Bid? Thats the question.


I keep seeing ACC schools mentioned by big12 fans as possible candidates. At this point the ACC > B12, why would any one leave to join the mess that the Longhorns have made?

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They would not. Delusional fans and bloggers looking for page hits.


And apparently the B12 will not be adding anyone. Oh well…

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The shat he threw didn’t stick. Again.

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I have not and do not trust the Dude of WV. Most of all, I don’t like that he ruins the name “The Dude”.

That was a great movie.

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Did the AAC lose out to the MWC after Louisville and Rutgers departed? Similar talent level loss, and no conference champions lost, in football anyway.

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The Dude abides.

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He isn’t a bona fide dude – just a wannabe.


That dude said emphatically today that UH is completely out of the running…a ‘non-starter’ according to his insider sources. Ok dude


TheDopeofWV. :flushed: