The Most DOMINANT. Ed Oliver Soph Highlights. Heisman finalist?


i wasnt going for cool like last year. more “hype him up” this year, vote him Heisman, youd feel foolish to not pick him #1 in the draft kind of reel

i made it long-ish. i know people complain when i make it short. hope you enjoy

one more year to enjoy the once in generation ed oliver…next season could be special…
random fact: no defensive line has been top 3 in Heisman voting since 1980, can ed end that streak? trip to new york?

(Cary) #2

He is unreal. Just absolutely unreal.


Great job, @pesik! It’s amazing to me how often Ed is making a tackle while being tackled himself. If teams didn’t hold him as often as they do, there’s no telling what his numbers would look like.


He looks like a huge linebacker!


Yes he does! My favorite quote was, “He’s a battering ram shot out of a cannon!”


Yep. If I were an NFL DC, he’d be a linebacker on my team. Remember Levon Kirkland? He played LB at between 270 and 300. I think Ed is quicker and better top end speed.


pesik…good job!!

(Cristian) #8

Thats really good. Im sorry i hadnt seen the previous highlight from davis. I think 3-4 minutes for highlights is the sweet spot. Anything more and people lose attention.


whenever i make one for a star player and its shorts, i always get comments about how i should have made it like random video over 6mins most of the top videos ive made are 6+ minutes… but i know there wasnt much interest in the other players not king and ed so i kept them under 4