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The guy that runs the other site must be a little dictator. I’ve never seen so much censorship and moving of topics just because he doesn’t like it. The guy is a JERK! And yet he lets the trolls linger on over there.

I’m happy that I come to this site most all of the time.

Excuse the rant, but I just wanted to state this.

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Rarely post over there. It has been overrun with people who aren’t real Coogfans.

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Thank you all for hanging in there with us. Coogfans has been a staple in the UH community for over a decade. we owe it to those that pioneered the boards to continue. We greatly appreciate all of you.


Last time I tried to post over there the board wouldn’t let me on until I “updated my membership”, i.e., paid up. I “hung up”. Scout still has value because of how they follow and rank recruiting, but as a message board, such as we have here, it has lost most of it’s usefulness. There are other sources for recruiting information.

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The more Cougar boards the better as far as I’m concerned, and I haven’t seen where Sellers has acted with a heavy hand. He had a point last year about Herman, who as it turns out never planned to stay at UH more than a year or two. But that board does get more than it’s fair share of the people who log on to message boards to complain about something or other.

i find myself more and more coming on this board and the premium board, and doing very little on the old board…it is overrun with trolls, whiners and complainers who question EVERY SINGLE thing…

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Yes - way too many on the other site who get TOO EMOTIONAL.

We need people who keep things UNDER CONTROL. And don’t use too many ALL CAPS.

That other site has become virtually unreadable. Wish more people, of the sane variety, would find there way over here.

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Invite them over.

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