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In case you missed it in the other thread, below is Wacocoog’s informative post.

For those interested…
Dana said that through spring that the team looked better than any prior time . Mentioned the 32 redshirts, the 9 mid term enrollees as a big boost to our depth . Both coaches said they thought enthusiastic & supportive fan base was a big influence on recruits from social media to a great game day experience. Dana mentioned that’s why he loves to take recruits to basketball games. Kellen mentioned that if you’ve got shooters/ guards who aren’t getting enough playing time then they will be transferring out . He said that is just how it is now. He mentioned how fortunate our team has been with recruiting that he doesn’t worry to much about flipping . Dana mentioned hoping to get some kids on campus in June . They all commented about their colorful language meltdowns that have been caught on tape. Kellen said it’s not wise to mic up the coaches or something to that effect . Kellen did mention that Chris Harris is a first generation graduate in his family and was proud to see him graduate. Pez mentioned that even though there isnt face to face classEs a lot of kids are still living on campus & eating in the dining halls etc .


Good to hear the football team is looking better. Hope that Tune stays healthy so we can save Massoud’s redshirt.

There was a comment elsewhere that Dana said to the effect that he was excited to have Tune starting 2 more years . Dana has been high on Tune since his arrival.
Regarding recruiting he said they have their “targets” prioritized and are in contact with them as much as possible through virtual visits (FaceTime, Zoom, social media, etc) His biggest concern was keeping the current team accountable once their academics have ended and they have several weeks of free time before they are able to get back to working out as groups. He mentioned that all the assistants were working diligently to keep everyone engaged and once they finish their school work that would increase. Seems the staff is trying keep them engaged daily so that they keep football things foremost in their thoughts as opposed to being kids ( young people) with a lot of free time on their hands…
Kellen …went over our three incoming freshman and how excited he was to get Powell, Shead and Mark. He also said since 2 redshirted that is was like having a class size of 5. They went in to discuss the disappointment of how the season ended for not only basketball but all the spring sports that were currently in competition .

By the way there will be more of these shows .


Thanks for the update. Really appreciate it.

Finally, substance about the topic first posted in the other thread. Thanks.

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If you remember, Briles was really excited about getting Tune as well. I am high on Tune and think he is going to do us proud this fall. It looks like we will have a good line and many targets to throw to.


When he had a somewhat clean pocket he was really exciting and it was so clear he has the physical tools and stuff you can’t teach.


The biggest underrated area for Tune was his mobility. Dude is pretty fast when he had to move out of the pocket or scramble. Where he needs to really improve is his pocket awareness, IMO. Making the decision quicker what to do when. That comes with experience and practice.


Watch that second TD… a 68 yard TD run by Tune versus Memphis. He moves fine. At 7:24 of first QTR.

And Tune is 6’ 3" 215. He has a MUCH better chance at being an NFL QB than King.


I agree that Tune has more prototypical size, but I don’t see the need to put down King. Just not my thing.


Not putting down King. I just think his size will preclude him from being an NFL QB. I think he can stick like Ward because of his athletic ability. But it is just so hard to be an NFL QB if you are really about 5’ 10.


Cool. I get what you are saying. Thanks for the clarification.

Seems like OL’s are just getting to be 6’ 5" - to even 6’ 8. Sub 6 foot Qb’s have a very difficult time seeing the field with those tall bodies in front. And while these shorter QB’s can run I still believe no QB will last long in the NFL running and taking many hits. Heck safeties and LB’s in the NFL can run 4.5’s in many cases and are 220-250. Meanwhile a 6’ 6" slow QB like Brady is still playing and he will be 43 this August.

Brady is still playing because of those big OL’s that have protected him. He runs when open and goes down to avoid the big hit. His playing smart has kept him going as much as anything.


Well, regardless of who’s at quarterback I sure hope our offensive line improves next year. The blocking was sub par and the offensive playcalling was pretty vanilla in my opinion. I would like to see a little more creativity and motion in the offense to keep the defenses guessing. I saw flashes of Dana’s old offense but last year was painful to watch at times, and it showed on the scoreboard.

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Honest question. How was Doug Flute able to make it to the Hall of Fame as a 5-10 QB? What was his skillet that allowed him to do this?

He is in the CFL HOF.

Not the NFL HOF.

Hed was mobile, illusive, accurate, and could throw it a long way. His mobility and illusiveness is what beat us in the Cotton Bowl; our DL guys were gassed by the middle of the 3rd quarter chasing him around the field. It opened the running game and it gave the receivers time to get open.

I’ll be shocked if the team isn’t practicing by Mid June.

Brady is 6’4 not 6’6

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