The Realities of Losing...PAC 12

4 weeks ago The U. of Arizona played UCLA during “Family Weekend”. More than 48,000 attended and The Wildcats beat The Bruins.

Last Saturday was Homecoming. The “Announced” crowd was 36,000. Lowest Homecoming attendance since 1975. Lowest attendance for any Home Game since 1997.

It all died in 4 weeks as Arizona has lost 4 straight.

Sumlin on the sidelines looked dazed and confused. He wears white pants and a long red Luau shirt.He looks like a Lounge singer. His defensive players looked like they had quit as they gave up 56 points.

At halftime the crowd looked ready to head home. And they did.

Arkansas, Cal, Stanford, UCLA and many others are also suffering from very low attendance.

While harping at our Cougar coaches and this year’s program be reminded that the phenomena of low attendance happens everywhere. Losing does that. People have lots of other things to do.

Hopefully our Fans will support the team by attending The Memphis and Navy games.

This year is 1975. And next year is 1976.


No one here is surprised by the attendance.

I am surprised that the pa announcer went ahead and announced the attendance at the last game.

Still, 36k announced trumps ~25k announced. That’s roughly $300k difference between the two programs.

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“Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser.” General George Patton as played by George C. Scott in the movie “Patton

Well, some of us stick with the team thick or thin.


Whether the team is 0-11 or 11-1, low attendance has been the knock on UH for decades. Especially considering the majority of UH alumni live within easy driving distance of the UH campus.


Attendance was great at Robertson maintaining 85% or more capacity for nearly a decade. It was a combination of great pre-game activities and good football.

Why they got rid of that benchmark is beyond me.

It was a combination of great pre-game activities and good football – and a small stadium. 85% of 32K is 27200 – basically the same numbers we now have.


We also didn’t have 85% for nearly a decade. We had it from 2009-2012 (and 2009 is being a bit generous).


Can’t bring math into the discussion. Not fair. :sunglasses:

If you go by the Texans, who are professionals.

Robertson’s capacity was 27500.

The total average capacity for attendance from 2006 to 2012, which is 7 seasons (nearly a decade), is actually 92%.

79% if you go by the inflated number of 32000 required to remain in FBS. :wink:

The Texans never played in Robertson so I have no idea what they have to do with anything. Robertson originally held 27500 then UH removed the track and lowered the field to increase seating to 32,000.

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They had a scrimmage and announced a sell out at 27500.

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Then they were wrong, The Rob held 32,000 when it was replaced