The SEC goes to a 10 game conference-only schedule

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The SEC is following the B1G and Pac-12 model.

I expect UT will call us to replace LSU on their schedule…ok maybe not.


Damn that would have probably been a loss for UT, now they will schedule someone they can beat

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A lot of non-P5 schools just lost out on a big pay check pending whatever cancellation clause covers in terms of penalities for cancelling.

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Darn I was looking forward to the Abilene Christian v Texas A&M game. They also scheduled North Texas.

So A&M has played everyone in the state since the breakup of the SWC EXCEPT us.

They piddle down both legs when they think of the Coogs.

Another tactical retreat, everyone will be following suit at this point, keep delaying and hope it gets better before it gets cancelled.


So now that only leaves the Big 12. If they go with conference only, the AAC might as well do it also with a round robin of 10 games.

Agree. Kick the can down the road and hope
something breaks with the virus. How many
trillions of copies can the damn thing make of itself
before it falls apart , ages, mutates or becomes less
troublesome ?

Interesting read on cellular telomeres
and how viruses mimic them. Way over my head but fascinating stuff…

Funny I saw a singular study saying it had mutated. It claimed the virus had mutated to become more contagious but less severe for.

But it was just one so take it we it’ll s grain of salt.

How does playing 10 games and traveling 5 times instead of 6 really reduce the chance of catching it? I am asking seriously.

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Not about reducing chances, but adding flexibility to delay or change dates for games

Whatever schools decide to play in late August or early September should get some good rating bumps, I would think.

Well except in the SEC territory where too many are ignorant of the good/entertaining football played in other conferences.

Easy for me. I will not watch a single P5 team. Give me UH and the AAC. No teams from Podunk towns!!!

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Its all about flexibility with the schedule to get their SEC season in and with a declared champion. The more games they play outside of conference the higher the probability the play will cost them players due to COVID.

It certainly hurts those non-P5s that depend upon those SEC non-conference games for nice pay checks. Not sure if there are cancellation penalities or not, I would assume so.

I’d like to see UH put some pressure on UT to get that LSU slot.

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I can’t wait to see Aggy’s record without all the extra home games and cupcakes. Depending on which two extra SEC Teams they get, they may have a losing record.

If the Big 12 goes with plus one model, it will be USF or UTEP that gets to keep their scheduled game at Texas.

I can’t wait to not watch any SEC games… Go Coogs!


UTEP for sure. Easier game and a system school so better for state politics.

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I think we’d be cream’d if we played them now. A couple of years ago no, but today is a different story. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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