The Solution

(Mike Higdon) #21

No way mack Brown would come here, nor would many of us want him to.

(Mike Higdon) #22

What is a pity is that some people think it up to them to tell others what they should put in their bodies. No one knows what things taste like in another’s mouth or what another thinks tatses good.

(Brian C) #23

I always thought it would be nice to get these national championship coaches and put them in a situation like ours. Do they have all the pull to bring recruits (legally) to a little old G5 and win a championship? That to me would help cement you are the greatest of all time. And no to Urban with all his back turning :slight_smile:


Sorry if I struck a nerve. Just trying to inject a little humor.


From a football perspective, I think Meyers would be great here. We know his motivation wouldn’t be to use us as a stepping stone. He’d bring in great football minds and would do a great job selling kids and their families on UH.

(PMM) #26

Hurl !!

(Mike Higdon) #27

No one should ever say coogam is too optimisitic again.


UH isn’t high profiled enough for Urban Meyer. if, or when, he decides to return he could end up on the West Coast, or Auburn to challenge NIck Saban, or return to Florida.


Meyer would go to Notre Dame if he goes back to coaching.

(Jerrycoog) #30

I said the same thing about Meyer lets see how retired and sick he is if the Notre Dame job comes open.


Notre Dame will not hire Meyer.


Not certain that Urban would encounter grand opposition if he wanted to come here. Remember, UH looked morality right in the eye with Briles and didn’t blink. Not saying it was a bad move. For that matter, if we had any semblance of a defense this past year, we could be preparing to play Michigan right now.

But, he’s cut from the same Tom Herman cloth (or Herman is cut from his). He wants to win national championships and he can’t do that at a G5.

(Munzell Milluns) #33

Guys, you need to look deep into the eyes of the coaching business. This field is littered with vermin and scum. Meyer isn’t even in the Big Leagues of Scumdum.


You have just described American businesses. Although there are some good people, there are a lot of people who are conniving, manipulative and will step on anyone to get what they want.

Coaching business is a reflection of American business.

(Al) #35

My first attempt at trolling isn’t quite as good as I had hoped…