The State of CoachV's Mind As The Season Winds Down

(Chris Vaughan) #1

I wish to make this missive a macro view with so many parts to discuss. This season offered me no particular joy, no real happy anticipation and, quite honestly, may have been the most boring & indifferent season I have ever experienced in the 3rd Ward.

Let’s start at what bothers me the most; moving the Yellow Lot and RV village to BFE. This simply destroyed the atmosphere that had been cultivated over the sad sack years of losing. The RV Village is now a shadow of itself. Terribly, terribly disappointing. Hunter and his cronies have destroyed the game day atmosphere and replaced the fun activity close to the stadium with some carnival barkers. Brilliant move, Hunter! Here’s hoping you’re emailing your resume out to every AD opening in 'merica.

Secondly, to make tailgating matters worse, which I didn’t think possible, is the schizophrenic game time schedule. Damn it! Pick a time, any time and stick with it. If it’s 11:00 every week, fine. We’ll deal with it. Short of being in the MAC, this slate of times is the worst we’ve ever been subjected to. Oh yeah, I hear all the excuses about TV and call bullshit. Going into the season we were the big dog of the conference and have some weight to throw around. Brilliant job, Hunter. Way to have our back and support what works best at UH. Here’s hoping you’re emailing your resume out to every AD opening in 'merica.

I had little to no faith in the new coaching staff going into the season. I’m completely ambivalent when it comes to winning and losing after last year. I’ve chosen to focus on the social aspects and not get caught up in the wins & losses. That being said, what we’ve rolled out there has been putrid. We have good players, better than most teams we play. Worse, it is incredibly boring stuff to watch. So, couple the boring tailgating, mix in a slate of game times with no rhyme or reason with incredibly inept to boring football and you make me no want to attend. Of course, I will come. Where else can I wear my red fedora? I do so begrudgingly.

What has hastened my unleashing of this diatribe was our experience at Tulane. I didn’t order tickets through UH when I ordered my season tickets figuring I’d get them later. Instead they sold out. As I learned through my UTSA experience, I called Tulane, and asked about a group rate. For a minimum of 20 people we could have $20 tickets with a choice of the party patio and the 35 yard line behind the Cougars. I received special offers for events while in town although Tulane events weren’t of much interest. We ended up with 24 on the patio & the 50 in the stands. Then, the week of the game, they said they would give me wristbands so everyone in my party would be able to go to the patio. Then, during the game, we got a “Welcome CoachV” message on the video, We also had constant visits by the Tulane account manager during the game asking if there was anything he could do. You know, once upon a time I had almost 30 season tickets to UH Football. I never got a phone call from UH even once. Matt Jackson said it was one of his best game experiences ever although the game colud have been better.

The bottom line is, this season in every way has made me feel like UH has taken advantage of me. They make it more difficult to walk to the game, destroyed the ambiance we tried so hard to build and throw that pile of bat guano out on the field for us to watch.

The end of this season can’t come fast enough and either can the disappearance of the whole cast of characters that made this dumpster fire happen.

I’m looking at you Hunter!


Email Hunter your issues, it won’t help just venting on this board , let him know how u feel

(Chris Vaughan) #3

Actually, the boards are better. More worrisome to the AD. They can blow off an email from one person. They read the message boards and when they see the natives getting restless they react.

Trust me, Mack Rhoades once called me in for a meeting about my negative comments on the boards about Levine. Asked me to cool it.


Such has been the experience dealing with UH athletics for many a year. The only exception being while James Nicas was around.

From lost bbq tickets, to ignoring a fortune 5 wish to buy suite tickets, to forgetting that we buy parking passes every year.


Tell us how you really feel CoachV :wink: No doubt that the quality of “fan experience” (which includes coaching quality/playcalling, team performance, game times, crowds, general hype, tailgating…) went from about a 9 in Herman’s 13-1 season (and the first part of last year until the rumors started) to about a 2 this season. The last hold out of hope is the students have remained pretty strong this year but some of that may be the momentum from the last two years and the direct connections that Herman made with them. Thanksgiving will likely give rise to a weak student crowd and generally terrible attendance (under 20K in seats) a fitting ending to this embarrassment of a season.


Screw Ups by the ADs:

Fan Day
Current Tailgating
Ticket Prices
Kick Off Times
Home Coming
Coaching hire

What is in the AD’s wheelhouse? What is he good at? Is he actually going to leave soon so we can recover?

(CoogDentist) #7

I totally agree CoachV. I loved parking in the garage walking a few yards to were me and my old college buddies tailgated then closing thinks up 20min before game time and heading in. After the game meeting back up to talk about the game until traffic died down and heading home. Now it’s just not the same. I don’t even have a garage pass bc I don’t need it. I just park in the cash lot. it’s closer to were everyone will be after the game and the atmosphere is just not there anymore. Maybe it’s bc we are not winning and maybe it’s not. I don’t know but something has changed.

(Patrick) #8

Hunter has been rumored as a possibility for the Arkansas job.

If he does leave, first call I’d make would be to Chris Pezman.

(Chris Vaughan) #9

From your lips to God’s ears!


Call me spoiled but compared to The Rob days tailgaiting sucks now—too spread out all over the place. Really glad got to enjoy those times with my son. That being said TDECU is light years ahead


I have been tailgating since before we left the Dome and I just have not enjoyed it this year. The 11am starts in Sept and Oct were just brutal with no breeze and no shade in the stadium. Once in the stadium we have to deal with $5.50 bottles of water and cashiers that do not know how to ring up the season ticket specials. Coach V is absolutely correct about the parking, it is horrible.

(PMM) #12

Why would Arkansas be interested in HY ?

I cannot see what he has brought to the game !

RK and TF have some reconciling to do !!


So I’m not the only one who got stiffed? They actually told me the ‘Smart’ water was not part of the deal. The teeny tiny print in the program about the specials says it may not include all items but they don’t tell you the exceptions which lets Aramark cheat you either out of ignorance or on purpose.

I meant to call the Athletic Department the following Monday but it slipped my mind. I can’t even remember which game it was now.

I’m going to try it Friday and see what happens. I may even record it, as it will be quiet enough to hear everything.


I like Hunter personally, but yeah we have boring football now boring offense and boring defense, we are never going to win a national championship here at uh, but we used to play exciting football.

(J V ) #15

Throw in the sound system and much of the pregame events as a fail as well. I have emailed Hunter and I got zip back.

Tailgating has sucked as we got bumped to a dif lot as well and 11 am starts in crazy heat has sucked.

We should list all the failings and have the board members sign it. Then send it to Hunter. Sadly, I don’t think he cares. If he did the easy things to fix would have happened but haven’t.


You guys are a bunch of whiners

(J V ) #17

No, just realist. I will continue to attend and support. When you see other programs do more with less you just have to wonder about what the plan is on Cullen.

Throw in the past disasters with fan appreciation.

Nothing was done for the IPF for donors, well except for a few. My gosh, the IPF ruined the down town view the stadium was built around. It is the newest toy for the athletic department but as a whole they have treated like “meh”. This AD and company just seem to mail it in.

They are capable of much more and we have seen it, but again it’s like they don’t care. That is not whining that is being honest.

(VancouverCOOG) #18

You ought to email your entire message to Dr. Khator. Pure and simple!

(Matt Jackson) #19

Agree 100% with everything Chris said. I wrote a nice thank you to the AD at Tulane for the fantastic treatment we received at Yulman on Saturday and got a response within 2 hours from the AD. Tulane had a fantastic event crew from its security (friendly as you could possibly want) to its vendors, and all the staff inbetween.

Let me add one for Pre-Festivus gripe: I emailed the ticket office through the website more than 2 weeks ago about basketball season tickets, which I wanted to purchase…still waiting on a response. Judging from the crowd at the 1st game and the paltry number of season ticket holders, I know the ticket office is not busy.

The “Raised Expectations” BS that has been spouted from up above by Tillman and the Princess were nothing but lip service. I’ve had season tickets every year since 1995 (my freshman year at UH) and when push comes to shove I’ll probably fork over the $$$ again next year, but the athletic department’s job is not as difficult as they make it look. They are either not competent or they don’t give a crap and neither is a good look for the University.

I guaran-damn-tee Chris Pezman would never let this **** happen on his watch.

(Ron Derrington) #20


You ought to email your entire message to Dr. Khator. Pure and simple!