The Toad fired from Arizona State

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Wonder if he texted his players the news?

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glorious news! never a nickname more apt!


Hearing their next coach already knows their hand sign.


Wonder where Graham’s next dream job will be?

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IDK about Sumlin to ASU. However, with Kelly getting hired at UCLA, the PAC South just got tougher. This is gonna be an arms race going forward. They gotta do something.


Addition by subtraction for the Sun Devil program.


Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. NOT.


Todd Graham back to Rice? Ha


It’s his dream job.

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East Carolina should take a long look at the rat.

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Can someone explain the sarcasm and history im curious.


The guy has done every other program he’s been at dirty. He job-hopped from Rice to Tulsa to Pitt, promising each stop that they were his “dream job,” and insisting he was in it for the long haul. As much as this board whines about it when our coaches move on, this dude is the sleazebag to end all sleazebags. He spent a total of two years at Rice and Pitt, and left both of them for programs that weren’t substantially better. There’s also the fact that he left Rice at the same time Briles left UH, so the two were kind of inextricably linked in the minds of football fans in the Houston area.


didn’t he leave a team a week after he signed and extension?

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That was Rice he did that to



“Just five years earlier, Graham quit his job at Rice after just one season. He was named Conference USA Coach of the Year, signed a contract extension and then…left for Tulsa. Rice was so angry that its band put together a performance called Todd Graham’s Inferno the next year when Tulsa, and Graham, came to town. Yes, that was a reference to Dante’s Inferno, and Dante’s trip to the pit of hell.”


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Arizona State is on the hook for an $11 million buyout. The Toad is laughing all the way to the bank. And someone will be dumb enough to hire him, if not for next year, then the year after for sure.


Tennessee and Mississippi St are looking.

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He left the year before Briles left.

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Thank you for that