The way too early ratings

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When Houston moves up 103 spots because they beat Arkansas, it’s a pretty good sign it’s a few more weeks before we get an idea of who has a shot at the NCAA tourney. That being said, it’s pretty nice to have 4 teams in the top 35 at this point.

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Jay Bilas has us in at #53 right now, for what it’s worth.


We moved up 37 spots to RPI 116 today. Thats exciting.

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Up to 80 now. Solid NIT position, which was the best I hoped for giving us having no home court. Look at our SOS though. Yall think coach made the weakest schedule he has had to date to avoid a down season with no home court?


This is an NCAA tournament team. Too much talent, regardless of the home court situation.

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One, there are 3 other schools in our conference with more talent. Two, if you look at the history of all teams, not just the Coogs, when it comes to home, neutral and away records, not a single team will have as good a record on neutral courts as they have on the home court.

We have played one of the weakest OOC schedules we have ever played and that is why we are 8-1. When we get into conference play, half of our opponents will be bigger and stronger than 8 out of the 9 we have played so far. We will be lucky to be .500 against them.

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Yeah, Arkansas was a terrible win.

Between this and the guy saying we should play home games at Delmar, I think I get dumber every time I go here.

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Or you just skim through. I said 8 out of 9. Arkansas is the only team we have played in the top 150. The second best team is ranked 157 right now. There are 8 schools in our conference besides us ranked higher than 157.

The irony of me saying this team probably goes to the NIT is some people take it as a slight. Yet if you go to the thread in our game against Drexel, I was one of the few that didn’t act like the sky was falling. I said this team is much like Penders NIT teams that will have a bad loss but a couple of good wins and unfortunately the bad loss happened to be the second game of the season.

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Wake Forest is currently #65 in KenPom and trending up.

You’re losing your little mind about a metric that most people haven’t begun paying attention to. I mean Real Time RPI recently had PVAMU as a top 100 team… c’mon man.

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We’ve consistently had weak OOC schedules over the years and this isn’t the weakest schedule we’ve had under CKS. In 2015-16, our non-conf SOS was rated 302. This year’s is currently rated 256th and will go up when we play LSU and Providence in 2 of the next 3 games. Wake Forest also hasn’t lost since they lost to us and their RPI will go up once they get into ACC play. Focusing on RPI this early in the year is silly as it’s too early.

In regards to 3 teams with more talent, I’ll give you Wichita State and Cincinnati, but who else? UCF and Temple are arguably on the same level of the Coogs, at best, talent-wise. You may be right and we may be destined for the NIT, but it’s a little early to start determining that based off RPI.

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Exactly. UH may end up being an NIT team when it’s all said and done. To make that assessment based on 9 games of basketball is absolutely absurd.

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One man’s opinion, but he is usually spot on with this… . Temple game on 12/30 is huge.

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People see it as being a debbie downer but I prefer a dose of reality. We have a chance to make the tourney. It shouldn’t be expected though. Also those that say we have too much talent, probably couldn’t name any players on 10 other teams off the top of their head little alone know enough about the talent of the other top 100 programs to know where we stack up.

Of course we have a few players that have the ability to play at a tournament team level. So do a lot of other teams that won’t be making the tourney. We don’t have tournament depth though. We will not only have to take care of business by not losing to any of the bottom half AAC teams at home or on the road but we will need to hold “home court” against at least 3 out of 4 of Temple, Wichita, Cincy and SMU to have a shot at an at large bid. Frankly I’d be happy if we win 2 of those and beat 1 of them on the road.

I wonder how many on here have even noticed that we have to play Witchita State, Cincy, Temple, SMU all home and home this year and UCF on the road only. RPIForecast says if we finish about 12-6 in our conference, we will have around a 41 RPI. That would have us on the bubble with a good showing in the conference tournament to get in.

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We’re up to 37 in KenPom and 46 in RealtimeRPI. Road wins weigh so heavily its crazy. USF has a 314 RPI and we still went up 14 spots.
Temple at home and Shockers away. 2 wins here and look out!!!
Wichita State has lost at home once this year, to Oklahoma. OU superstar guard had 30+. I watched the game and he had lots of deep 3’s, but also penetrated. Wonder if we could combo Rob/Armoni to get the same effect. Definitely a winable game.