THECB Freshman stats


Just published for 2018.

Some stats… We are second in the state in acceptance percentage and third in the state among football schools in the number of Top 10% HS enrollees.

Texas 45,241
A&M 35,566
Texas State 24,923
Texas Tech 24,227
Houston 22,958
North Texas 17,612
UTSA 16,943

A&M 23,694
Texas State 19,733
Texas 19,050
Texas Tech 15,611
Houston 14,417
North Texas 13,915
UTSA 13,391

Acceptance %
Texas 42%
Houston 63%
Texas Tech 64%
A&M 67%
Texas State 79%
North Texas 79%
UTSA 79%

A&M 10,579
Texas 8,959
Texas Tech 6,171
Texas State 6,159
Houston 5,201
UTSA 4,982
North Texas 4,677

Top 10% Enrolled
Texas 5,862
A&M 5,797
Houston 1,500
Texas Tech 1,121
UTSA 808
Texas State 767
North Texas 716

Top 10% Percentage
Texas 65%
A&M 55%
Houston 29%
Texas Tech 18%
UTSA 16%
North Texas 15%
Texas State 12%


I always like this % which no one seems to report but is easy to calculate.

School % Accepted Who Enrolled
UT 47.0%
ATM 44.6%
TTU 39.5%
UTSA 37.2%
UH 36.1%
UNT 33.6%
Texas ST 31.2%


It’s the 8th year in a row that Houston has finished third in the state in the total number of freshmen enrollees who graduated Top 10% of their HS class…

(Patrick) #4

Awesome. We continue to improve.


Those enrollment numbers when stacked against total enrollment also indicate the large number of drop outs Texas State has, with Tech coming up behind them.


UT Dallas is another school that belongs on these lists, and we compare pretty favorably against them.


I limited it to football schools.

We don’t compare favorably with UT Dallas except on size.

On the front end, their freshmen have higher SAT scores and a larger proportion of them graduated Top 10% of their HS class.

On the back end, their graduation rate is much higher than ours.


I guess favorably wasn’t the right word. Academically they’re probably the stronger school, yet we’re only 3% behind them in terms of top 10% enrolled percentage despite having a much larger class size. Top 25% we have some catching up to do though.

I wish TECB reported SAT stats. I’d like to see if we’ve gained any ground on that front.


Averaging the SAT 75/25 percentiles for reading and math from the Common Data Set. Note the SAT scores were inflated a couple of years ago under a new scale. We gained about 70 points:

Texas 1355
UT Dallas 1330
A&M 1275
TCU 1245
Oklahoma 1245
Houston 1220
Arkansas 1195
LSU 1180
Oklahoma St 1170
North Texas 1160
Texas Tech 1155
New Mexico 1145
UTSA 1130
Texas State 1095

I would not be surprised if UT wasn’t offering it’s top tier rejected candidates the chance (and maybe scholarship money) to go to UT Dallas.