This is not an overreaction but

(Drew) #1

Down by two touchdowns, did we really just run the ball 6 plays in a row with only seven minutes to go? 3 yards on 4th down and we run the ball… Really?


Just running our offense

(Ricky ) #3

Maybe that’s how bad our quarterback play is

(Drew) #4

No, the quarterback actually threw a fairly high percentage overall today. Running the ball every play and milking the clock while being down by two touchdowns with only seven minutes to go is absolutely ridiculous play calling

(Cary) #5

You have to demote Johnson now. I can’t believe a 4-2 team has the coach on the hotseat, but this is not good football. My concern is this is just the beginning of a slide this year.

Memphis - L
Tulane - L
Navy - L



Our OC can’t call a game to save his life. It’s terrible. We have the players to be efficient and we run the dumbest crap I’ve ever seen.


Is Travis Bush back at UH? This is actually worse!

(G.W.) #8

This is the truth.
On first and second down Tulsa played up tight to the LOS. Then dropped 8 on third and long.
It was brilliant. How do you overcome such brilliance? Our OC does not know.
Maybe throw another screen or run a jet sweep.

(Bryant Hargrave) #9

Brian Johnson has failed at OC every time he’s gotten the gig. This is just another failure notch in his belt

(jimmyschofield) #10

The offense doesn’t have any game breakers so there are little explosive plays. When we throw deep it’s into double coverage. The perfect blending of inept play calling and lack of execution. So we have to methodically drive down the field in order to score, giving us a greater chance at making a mistake, which has happened all too much this season. Then there’s the defense. Our run D has been pretty bad, despite Oliver’s play. Unreal.


Just to clarify 4-2. So with your very fair assessment we’ll be 5-6

(Cary) #12

Fixed. Obviously my frickin’ emotions are through the roof


No worries, we all totally understand. This is embarrassing, frustrating, depressing, etc all rolled into one.


One step forward last week.
Three steps back today.
After 6 games it is obvious we have major offensive problems.
1.) We got outcoached by a 1 and 5 team.
2.) The team quit on the field, a terrible sign.
3.) The players we have are good enough to be competitive.
4.) Either this coaching staff is set on their system, and / or they do not have the ability to change their system for the players they have.
5.) The gains from the last two years will fade into the fog, and we will disappear back into oblivion.
6.) Very discouraged.
7.) 5 to 6 wins this year, tops.


Our “system” is basically get ball to someone with talent and let him run. That’s not an offense. That’s flag football.


Yep. Just after we ran for it on 3rd and 10.

(VancouverCOOG) #17

Well stated.